Liudmila Alekseeva. The Matrix of Culture

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An obvious instability of the world community in modern social and cultural models, which are based on representations of a physical picture of the world, reflects an unbalanced, crisis condition of processes of its development. Serious outlook mistakes have led to ignoring of any spiritual and vital needs of people, and the consequences are evident. Our outlook always reflects a conceptually expressed by a system of the person’s sights on the world, on itself and its place in it. The outlook assumes a certain experience of the mankind, that accumulates in culture and fix definite images of the world. The image of the world which dominates in our modern culture, is determined by political and economic priorities, and has artificial qualities of usurpation of authority, money, corporative spirit of the money-making. The natural environment hasn't got such a mask has it?

Contrary to the nature, modern people have to correspond to all those cultural values which are incorporated in systems of collective outlooks. However, a self-affirmation (that is based on fears, on the necessity to survive and instincts of self-preservation) corresponds to ways of interaction in primitive culture. Archaic stereotypic ways a personal reaction on the modern realities create an essential deviation from an evolutionary way of its development. At all the perfection of modern technologies, relations between people get a character of a cultural-moral inflation, and the cultural values finished to a level of fetishism are depreciated.

The existing state of the human culture shows the real face of a model of development that has arisen due to the methodology of thinking based on logic and rationality. The model pursues just concrete interests of the isolated groups of the population which have been not connected together by natural development of a society, not connected by a common idea of its prosperity and well-being. The inconsistent purposes stratify a society on social groups whose interests are satisfied through sufferings. In this model there are conditions for appearing of inadequate forms of reflection of the global processes which cause world and local wars, revolutions. For preservation of stable stability the human spontaneous system (from within due to feedback) creates adjusting mechanisms which compensate costs of corporate management. Similar regulation of community releases it from excessive fixing and turns it on a mode of destruction of stereotypic behavior, creating a new form of representations of the reality.

In this case transformation of the outlook becomes objectively inevitable. The culture which has developed its information resource, requires conditions for a new potential of the community's development, and a new image of the world. During this evolutionary process (on the basis of reorganization/crisis of existing model due to lateral way of thinking) there appears a more flexible, adapted model of a reality. The global world outlook crisis of the modern community becomes natural evolutionary process of destruction of artificial mutual relations of the person and the nature, a measure of the world chaos created by the person itself. The process requires the measure of the order, a "gold" parity of these sizes, as ability of existence in harmonious attitudes of constant laws of life and natural variability of the social status of the person. The transformation of people's outlook naturally shows values and sense which can be brought by new technologies and algorithms of management of the further development of the human community.

As a result of an objective necessity there is a moment of a certain participation of the person in a process of restoration of its outlook integrity based on idea of spiritual revival and disclosing of creative, creating abilities, of formation of a new interactive culture that orients to the image of the Creator of the world, The very image that expresses the primary idea of goodness.

There is a need for a system knowledge that restores an image of the interconnected and open world, its integrity and photogenic cleanliness, uncorrupted by any false perception of the reality. There is a necessity for development of methodology of the integrated thinking, alternative methods of perception and the mastering of the information directed on change of a paradigm of discrete thinking and transition to a natural model of development of the person.

The model of natural development of the person is a revelation of world outlook synthesis, break to integration - to restoration of the primary status of the person where there's neither fear of any survival nor consumer's attitude to the nature. It is not static, fallen asleep while its development, model. Questions of the human life's updating, reproduction and transformation those are a part of the problem of the modern culture, are solved in dynamics of the human system and universe relations.

During many centuries social forms of a life from traditions gradually pass to their integration, to cultural innovations that is accompanied by the moments interfaced to instability of the world community. For the returning of any stability of the community's development, it's necessary to accept a new measure of a life, its perceiving based on a cultural heritage of the mankind. The beginning of the regulation can be carried out by means of a conceptual preparation of the person for moral transition to a so called matrix of culture which restores the lost integrity of outlook, clears up people's image of the world, helps to get rid of artificial qualities unusual for it. Otherwise, it prepares a certain ground for the replace the rigid social cultural model of the development to a much more perfect model bearing the Image of the Creator, Its harmony and well-being.


A conceptual substantiation of the model of the natural development of the person/community.


1. The crisis of the outlook system


In a philosophical definition an outlook is a conceptual system of personal sights on the world, or an outlook that is a basis for a system of senses and values, ideals - general principles of representation of the blessing, truth, beauty, advantage are developed, and guide a person in realizing definite purposes and problems of the activity in its community [29].

Considering this definition, we can expand this understanding, considering the outlook as a system organizing a human life, a system that forms human society and its development. The evolutionary approach will allow us to consider outlooks inherent in system internal structures, communications and steady elements, which make its integrity to understand how there appear those or other representations of a human life meaning and its values.

Let's begin with elements of an outlook system which are issued as idea, certain conceptual images creating a certain picture of the world and the person.

The great variety of ideas and concepts have generated some types of outlooks. In particular, besides an individual outlook, it is possible to talk about cultural-historical and social-cultural types of outlook which arose gradually, replacing with one another.

The mythical outlook which arose at the beginning of the young mankind, was expressed in sensual-concrete, personified images of the world. Presentation of these images was due to inseparability of the person and the nature. The indifferent condition of the person's mind did not allow to comprehend logically a reality and to put feature of division between an environment and the individual. A notion of duality arose later as a result of an intelligent sight of the socialized person at the world. A socialization (as a factor of a birth of a cultural matrix), promoted branch of the objective validity from the individual. The world was divided into object and the subject, there appeared a rationality which defined a sphere of legends for a myth, and the personal outlook was framed by a certain concept, or knowledge of the world around. There appeared a significant sphere of influence on the order of the human world, designated an occurrence of attitudes between a person and the Creator of this world. Inconsistent philosophical and religious sights at the world simultaneously connected the person to the Creator and separated from Him with a screen of beliefs and mythical legends, remained in a heritage from the very primitive outlooks.

The further development of the human outlook and a differentiation of the validity covered the original reality with a layer of every possible dogmas and mythical images which represented a diverse, difficult to explain, picture of the world. In social and cultural systems there was a need for a uniform image of the world, and there appeared a monotheist system  which later was rejected by a scientific representation of the world. Now a development of the modern community is based on an outlook representing a picture of the world which, [29]. The modern person looks at the world through the definite filter of a scientific knowledge and unconditionally trusts in it, more often underestimating thus a spiritual and moral outlook.

Is the scientific outlook really complete? Whether it contains the elements connected and tied altogether in a structure of an entire image, expressed in its similarity through various forms of the life development? What structural image is represented by means of that picture if the world in it reminds the multilayered pie filled with the most different stuffing of every possible knowledge of it, at times not joined with each other? What had been lost during the process of the social-cultural development, what sides of the reality appeared closed for a sight of the modern person?

It is necessary to ascertain the fact of the absence of any complete representation of the reality, expressed in a kaleidoscope of the individual, religious, mystical, scientific outlooks separated, inconsistent believes and values which characterize present outlook. <… the leading position in the western culture still borrows the mechanistic, shattered outlook …> [32]. The differentiation of the reality has led to a phenomenon of impossibility of its comprehension. The same phenomenon has put in pawn need of a the human community for a world outlook synthesis and an integration/restoration a complete representation of the reality. Otherwise the laws of differentiation have a certain risk of expression no more than in one hundred of phenomena confirming incompleteness of modern scientific knowledge.

Actually the scientific outlook has usurped an authority above minds of people, having excluded from a picture of the world a moral spiritual sphere and having given to it an opportunity of expression in blind belief, ignorance and psychopathology. On the foreground of life there stepped the modern technologies, which allow to manipulate collective consciousness, pursuing the mercenary, corporate purposes. A process of perceiving a life has turned to a process of its fixing due to the empirical objective data allocating objects with an illusory self-life. The arisen illusion of the objective representation of the reality has excluded subjective empirical data from a picture of the world.

Now it is difficult to present objective laws of the world only as laws of a part of the whole, the particular laws which are responsible for a plane of subjective perception of the world, as a measure of the objective laws, capable to be shown through a world outlook aspect. Objective laws of the reality are firm, eternal, constant and assume a constancy and stability. They can be seen only in process of subjective perception of the reality, forming an image of the world and its picture. The measure of subjective perception defines a variability of the world and its inconstancy. Carefully verified objective laws risk to be left in the basket of the updated perception of the world in which the new measure will define the expression of the objective laws and rules of development of a life.

It is difficult to acquire the similar concept as in it there is no principle of Okkam, allowing to rely on the base of the out-of-date representations of the world principle. It is even more difficult to refuse of this base as it doesn't exist yet a new one that would be able to become a fundament for a construction of any other representation of the reality.

The scientific outlook faces a problem of overcoming a fundamental representation of division of essence of the nature into consciousness and a matter. Owing to a methodology of an analytical thinking the centuries-old cultural tradition gives a palm tree of superiority to material values and approaches, neglecting an integral part of a matter - consciousness, deducing it for brackets of doubtful mystical and religious experience. The same problem arises in a religious outlook which, having an intuitive knowledge of an invisible sphere of consciousness, creates cultural values on the basis of denying matters.

The knowledge of a life with a prevalence of rational or irrational methods of research forms an inconsistent, incomplete picture of the world in which a natural balance between consciousness and matter is lost. As a result of dual thinking there appears an artificial sphere of a life which contains many mental complexes unusual for human nature. The artificial sphere appeared due to formation of a human ego, or in another way, egoism - the certain consciousness identified with the apprehended information. The egoism allocates objects with self-life, generating an illusion of objective representation of the validity.

Even a personal mentality is studied by rational methods, that is basically impossible on its natural essence. Lots of every possible "psychologies", somehow, for example, “ psychology of management ”, “ psychology of emotions ” conceptually separates a person from its mentality, cutting off its original being. In such representation a person becomes just “a tiny screw”, a body that is operated only by emotions, instincts, complexes. No wonder that in psychology there are so many conceptions of a person. Today we can see even magic and occult theories. There is a paradoxical situation: theorists do not dare to speak of a soul because it is far beyond the accepted scientific outlook, and experts cannot apply any theories without knowledge of a mystical outlook.

For the sake of justice it is possible to speak about the beginning of changes in the scientific outlook, yet not mentioning any moral - spiritual aspects. As scientist-physicist F.Kapra [32] writes, the restriction of an area of the appendix of ideas of classical mechanics with the advent of quantum physics, the theory of a relativity which has led to radical revision of the basic concepts underlying scientific outlook can serve one of examples of this beginning. The concepts of the very matter, space, time have changed. It became obvious, that as a result of the revision there was a great change of the traditional representations of the word itself. It has approached the community to a mystical perception of the world similar to the east mystical outlook. Outstanding scientists R.Oppengejmer, N.Bor, Geizenberg marked the fact of similarity in understanding of the general laws of human knowledge between ancient east doctrines and modern discoveries. Some researches of interrelations between the concepts of the modern physics and the basic ideas of philosophical and religious traditions of the East, have revealed the fact of similarity of scientific and mystical attitude. It was found out, that <… the development of a science overcomes borders of the outlook and comes back to sights of east and early Greek philosophers> [32].

The newest physics has come to a conclusion of an inevitability of the cultural transformation leading to an occurrence of new sights at the validity. [32].

Here, in our opinion, it is necessary to make some specification. The matter is that east spiritual doctrines to which F.Kapra refers, in particular Daoism, Buddhism, have a mystical maintenance in a context of subjective experience of comprehension of the reality. The similar context is present in Sufism, Hinduism, the Northern, Latino-American, etc. spiritual traditions. This process has no attitude to ritual mysteries and devotions of a pseudo-mysticism which are just a virtual reality of internal game with itself. The pseudo-mysticism arises because of a distortion of spiritual traditions when a subjective experience of studying of the reality developing a substituted person for fixing of knowledge and accumulation of magic force of a self-affirmation. Every possible secret mystical societies with their rituals, spiritism, occultism, magic have no links to the original methodology of research of the reality in which [17]. A sacred dream of the mystified consciousness there becomes a super person who can operate a community of people by means of these forces. The dream of pseudo-mysticism is embodied in different Masonic lodges, scientologists societies, national ideas of creation of a super nation. As a rule, the result of that power is destructive on scales of world events for states, countries and mystified persons themselves.

This is why any use the above-stated specification, we shall show a worthy place to spiritual traditions, having defined it the outlook based on natural understanding of the world. And also we shall note that fact, that not all researchers give all of due value to a difference between natural spiritual traditions and religious outlooks. We mean that the natural outlook answers sights and believes based on their deep internal empirical experience, not having any attitude to belief. These are the knowledge extracted as a result of researches of the certain concept of the word. They can be named safely quasiscientific because there is available a repeatability of a certain spiritual experience. In a religious outlook belief and moral values are designated by belief in the Holy Writ, and the religion is based on a interpretation of the dogma. A religious experience is deeply individual, unrepeated, curtained by a degree of belief in the concept of the Holy Writ and « is given on belief ».

Thus, as a result of different methodological approaches to the knowledge of life there is a conceptual chaos. The same objective patterns of a reality clothe in various conceptual categories and create illusion of a division of science, religion and metaphysical philosophy.

In Concepts of Public Safety (KOB) « Dead water », that appeared in Russia in the beginning of 90th years of the last century the outlook is presented in the form of two forms: Theo centric, where « idea of the God - the Creator and the Lord in culture -  is not a product of " art creativity » people, but a reflection in social life of the objective life of God»; and the second - egocentric where "I" - centrism (self - centrism) is concluded in a phrase: « a person is the perfect wreath of the Nature » [10 I.Mochalovoj and V.Danilova researches of the Russian scientists (a department of theoretical problems, SAS) note the presence of a perfect system of the outlook historically existed more 5 thousand years ago, which consider, that system forming factor of this outlook was spirituality. When <… each sort, a tribe, people, keeping the originality, culture, traditions, was guided by the uniform Perfect outlook>, based on Theo centric philosophy [22].

Considering the above-stated forms of outlook, for limiting clearness we including that there was no semantic mess shall emphasize a difference between a mythical Theo centric outlook of the archaic culture and the Theo centric outlook which is meant by the authors, and. If anthrop centric puts the person above the nature, the Theo centric ancient culture placed gods or forces of the nature above the person. These two extreme points of view at the universe self-centric inherently. Subjectively they divide complete Life at least, into two opposite poles, or in general reject one of them.

The point of view of the new culture, objective-subject in which context we also shall conduct the further researches, reflects a complete sight on world, assuming the uniform intrinsic nature of consciousness and a matter where the person is subjective reflection of objective life of God. Holistic position is a natural outlook as we understand it.

Further, we shall specify what we mean speaking of the egocentrism. Also we shall remind that the individual consciousness identified with the apprehended information "I" is considered to be an ego or the lowest. In this sense it forms an egocentric outlook. However, there is also wider sense of an ego in which it represents universal pure consciousness - the maximum "I", ”ahamkaru” in Hinduism which is free from any mental perception. Here we meet the sample of that representation when a uniform process is divided into parts therefore there is a semantic mess, and therefore arises a conceptual conflict: in one case it is necessary to get rid of an ego, in other case of an ego as function of consciousness is necessary for a life. The conflict disappears, when conceptually broken off parts of one process incorporate together.

The matter is that one of functions of consciousness consists in a time identification and its misidentifying with the apprehended information. By means of this function human consciousness builds associative communications and images, with their subsequent disassociation. So, the ego is the universal mechanism of reflection and self-reflection (reflection) by means of which objective-subject exchange of information/energy/spirit is made. It is intended for distinction of the acting information in a mind by a principle: « it-not it » where objective perfect images to which subjective images entering from the outside are compared concern to "it". If subjective images do not coincide with reference, there arises a misidentifying with them. Therefore in the Koran says: « Only the God gives the Distinction, and it is impossible for anybody to find any Distinction besides It » [the Koran, “ Al-Furkan ”, Sura 8:29]. By means of an ego individuality/divine an image "I" of the person is expressed in self-comprehension of and world around by super consciousness of life reveals.

At infringement of communication between two phases of this process there is an infringement of an exchange or circulation of the information/energy/spirit, its short circuit and a centering on itself or the prejudiced distinction containing discrepancy of the objective information. Arises blacked out, not capable to distinguish a reality, consciousness, differently - human egoism: the blacked out ego in east interpretation, is figurative - « a curve mirror » which in the western psychology sometimes wrongly accept for identity. Therefore, would be more exact in this context under egoism (Self) to understand the absence of distinction expressed by impossibility objectively to reflect a reality in consciousness. So, prematurely it is useless to get rid of an ego as all over again it is necessary to restore integrity of process of reflection of a reality, as will be an output from « a kingdom of curve mirrors » - rescue of the person/community for «furkan» besides distinction with Arabian it is translated and as rescue - « saving distinction » [10].

Proceeding from this understanding, under egocentrism we shall mean a subjective reflection of a subjective representation of the reality, provided by absence of distinction. The absence of divine spirit/image/objective of the information/forces in the person. In this sense the egocentric outlook is not spiritual and bears weakness to the person/community.

The scientific and religious-spiritual environment can contain as Theo centric, and egocentric individual sights at the world in the above-stated contexts.

The existing nowadays religious outlook is difficult for naming accomplished in spite of the fact that it based on God-inspirited Wrights as in it “ objective life of God ” does not reflect, and the subjective image of the God-slaveholder correcting by the world punishing the slaves for disobedience, and the world is as it is noted in « Bases of the social concept of Russian Orthodox Church », accepted ROC in 2002. Literal interpretation of a word "slave" (“rab” – ancient Russian), an origins from a word «rabbi» or «ravvi» (teacher) and meaning "pupil", has lowered the natural status of the person and has made its "stupid person", having closed opportunities of knowledge of the world on the religious points of view.

The similar outlook pseudo-natural, and inherently reflects outlook of the spiritualized egoism of the person. Actually, the rational and irrational understanding is equally deep atheistic inherently. If the materialistic atheism does by denying of the Creator the created world rootless, orphaned the idealistic atheism prefers it to adopt and become the pastor, taken a lawful place of the Father. Probably, all the same it is necessary to recognize, that наместничество business voluntary unilateral besides it does not mean full identity and interchangeability with the Creator of the world.

In both cases the natural direct communication - natural religion of Creation is broken. In exchange outlooks - the points of view on a reality through intermediaries are offered it. Artificial communication has the intermediary between the Creator and its creation - an egregor - an egocentric matrix of the spiritualized or trained human egoism.

Both in that, and in other outlook the separate person or corporation into which it enters, pass process of “a godifying” through conceptual division of the Creator and Its creation. In rational understanding the person is not privy to the nature. Belonging to any corporation, it is alienated from an environment, done by " a wreath of the nature », its tsar and the god. In irrational understanding godified the intermediary - the religious organization (also corporation) ritually take a person to the God. And only units in it, in process of the development, leave in "desert", on direct natural communication with the Supreme. «Hermits» become monks, spiritual seers and healers.

The opportunity of an identification with the doctrine overtakes also some followers of east doctrines. When the pupil identifies the person with the doctrine, it considers itself(himself) «an adept of Dao», "Buddhist", «Sufi», etc. Absence of a phase misidentifying causes a difficult process of its own development. The concentrated purpose of achievement of an immortality, enlightenments, connections good luck becomes труднодостижимой as there is a need in the information/energy/spirit which does not act naturally in an organism of spiritualized egoism. The pupil becomes isolated on a problem of reception of spiritual force. There is a constant need for experts of collecting, redistribution and keeping of energy. Therefore it is possible to come all besides to the super person owning forces of the nature - siddhi (Ind.).

Theism as direct dialogue good luck, it is natural, complete, surrational. A person as a creation of the God, it is involved in the Creator, doesn’t the whole word with Him. During the development the person restores the photogenic divine and consequently can tell: « I and my Father are the One ». The natural outlook provides the uniform nature of creation in which there are no intermediaries. Uniform pair essence of the nature - spirit and a matter in which the God and the person, the Creator and created, make a single whole involved each other and existing together it is not required to which artificial godifying - a ritual participle. In the uniform nature there are no egregors - layers between parts of the Whole, or, otherwise, the structures invested by authority of the admission of a participle each other of two processes which bear the target program of creation of the world.

The egregorial break creates structures in which management of the communications of the processes of creation connected among themselves by a participle, stops. Interruption of process of creation stops evolutionary development of human system. Therefore intermediaries are subject to revolutionary aspect of development - to destruction is artificial the created structures. Religions replace one another, scientific postulates are exposed to revision, dominating above minds and showers of people. The centuries-old antagonism of rational and irrational outlook expresses struggle of atheism with itself. For the atheism is inconsistent from within. The internal conflict to a reality creates representation about "good" and "harm" which Llama Anagarika Govinda names [17].

Break of fundamental communication communication with the Creator forms a mental pressure which is a source шизофренического behavior in a social life of community. This behavior is caused by a clip of natural processes of a life which are fixed in separated mental конструктах, becoming not completed, lose the integrity, and from here and a power source of development. Processes weaken, lose power, there is a struggle for energy. The social life is filled with fear of a survival which is shown in rivalry of people with each other, to struggle for natural power resources, mental vampirism, alienation from own private world. All it leads to sensation meaningless and absurdity of a life, imaginations of existence of " beyond the grave paradise », « the grounds promised ».

Break of communication with the Creator of the world creates an exhaustion of power world resources, human potential. There is it due to absence of a synergy - the coordinated action divine and human has begun in the person which continuously fills vital processes by energy. Where there is a live communication with the Creator of the world, there is a world coauthorship which is expressed by power stocks on a surface and in depth of the ground. Absence of these stocks specifies loss of a source, a moral-spiritual exhaustion which is filled with redistribution of power resources due to policy of double standards.

The policy of double standards reflects a desperate situation of «a double clip» modern society. «The double clip» is expressed that messages contradicting each other on verbal and nonverbal (by default), levels generate шизофренические experiences and шизофреническое behavior of huge weight of people. In a social life they are shown through aggression, terrorism, psychopathology which are strategy of a survival of the person in conditions, impossible for its development. It is natural reaction to lie for still Аристотель spoke, that « the true is conformity of the statement to the valid state of affairs ».

«The double clip» creates a source of terror as inside of the countries, and outside. Aggression and apathy of a great bulk of the "clamped" population of the country in reply to strategy of the survival, creates conditions for occurrence of an authoritative mode of authorities which in due course becomes isolated on reciprocal terror of people through the revolutionary mechanism of restoration of balance.

In foreign policy « the double clip » creates strategy of a survival of the third countries, inevitably forming thus a reciprocal feedback in the form of certificates of terrorism, local wars. A basis of aggression of the western countries is own crisis condition of development which is used by them for preservation of the well-being. So, for example, [24].

Real strategy of a survival of human community in the artificial environment which has arisen due to its alienation from the Creator, an environment of dwelling is those. A fruit of a similar survival are infinite sufferings of people, the natural cataclysms, unstable development of the world community and searches of ways of an output from a vicious circle of the fixed processes of a life.

The double standard is incorporated in a basis of egocentric bible outlook. As shows the comparative analysis коранического and the bible outlooks, made in Concepts of Public Safety (КОБ) « Dead water », there is a mechanism of management of global world processes through the double standard legalized by “laws” of Isaiah and expressed in loan percent for people, having other outlook. Egocentric bible outlook is expressed through processes manipulative managements of the world community. While in the Koran outlook the double standard of division of people is absent, and usury by the Koran is vetoed.

The support of the western civilization for loan bank percent in development of economy of community allows to operate global world processes, enriching one nations and nationalities and putting on a side of a survival and disappearance others. It generates an opportunity of collision of outlooks of the western and east civilizations, expressed for today in terrorism from religious-egocentric representatives of Islamic culture; from a underside introduction of peace-making armies under a specious excuse putting in order in another's territory.

To not notice or deny a difference in outlooks of two cultures extremely dangerously during the moment of globalization of processes of the world community and formation of the new order of the word. On the basis of egocentric bible outlook there is an order on which the life of millions the people who are not suspecting about influence a way of life depends, imposed by it manipulative in the way. Idea of formation of " gold billion » as the opportunity of branch from a mass survival and poverty is based on illusion of unrelated world processes.

In the similar world order the place can suffice sufferings both poor, and rich: one to survive, another to keep acquired. There automatically starts a mechanism of regulation of the social arrangement, expressed in feedback - self-reflections of two egocentric representations resisting each other and religious beliefs hiding under a mask – it has an identical atheistic essence.

The atheism, penetrated in the Islamic culture, became possible owing to those consequences which had undertaken by Muslim scientists in 1Х-Х1 centuries « Closing of a gate ishtihada», that meant refusal of independent treatment of the Koran [15]. The atheism arises there where interpretation of the highest Revelation which is a result of a direct dialogue of the person with the Founder of the world is canonized. The canonization, on the one hand, keeps itself the Revelation, with another creates dogmatic interpretation or its interpretation, egregorial layer breaking a direct communication and joint cooperation of a person with the Creator or with-knowledge, as overlapping with secret knowledge for the further growth and development of a human system. The beginning of the moment Revelation is characterized by progress of a social life of a society. So, the researcher Bernard Lewis marks sharp contrast of social power and absence of progress of the modern Islamic world, with that progress and power which distinguished an Islam on the basis of its prophet Mohammed [15].

Probably, it would be quite good to us to realize that the source of origin of world religions always had a person having direct internal communication with the Creator - internal religion. And only then on the basis of this religion there are its external forms - religious faiths in which through rituals the culture of dialogue good luck is established. Internal dialogue becomes sacrament, and the God incomprehensible. Accordingly, divine force/spirit in the world acts exactly so much, how many it is possible to receive through sacrament. Therefore miracles of healing, inspiration through sacred, righteous persons become possible. In the sacraments they are closest to Supreme, are filled by divine force and can attach to it others. Intuitively many people start to search for places of force to have an opportunity of the further development. Though the Revelation it is given to each person by the right of its origin, but the abuse of atheistic antagonism of its original sense. A congenital of each person it is hidden by the external form of abuse - fight of human egoism for the exclusiveness. Therefore, “ a lot of invited, but a little selected ”.

However, what under the form would not be antagonism, under objective laws of development of the world community, sooner or later there a crisis comes and the moment of destruction of this form. For that period the spontaneous system becomes the further evolution opened to opportunities. In case of resistance to this process the civilization finishes in the history and perishes.

Overcoming of resistance to evolutionary processes is possible owing to system of natural outlook in which the conceptual chaos is eliminated and the complete image of the world in diverse similarity of its forms is restored. For [34].

In natural outlook there are no schizophrenia of mental human life: fight of the different points of view, opposition of the Creator and its creation, немощь bodies and consciousnesses. On-knowledge as the superficial, fragmentary perception, is replaced with-knowledge - complete knowledge of a life. The sense of internal religion/communication which consists not in an identification of good luck as its deputy, and in a participation in God, the indissoluble union of joint creative development of the world, its synergy reveals. The synergy releases the fixed processes of a life, restores/integrates them in uniform complete dynamic process of pleasure of evolutionary creation of the world community.


2. An image of the world in the modern representation


Investigating the outlook crisis, we are far from an idea of creation any frames where an individual consciousness is determinated and correlated with that or other outlook. The individual outlook can include the most complicated complex of representations and images of the world that will hardly be kept within the set of any conceptual schemes. We do not have a purpose of criticism of an existing state of science. Our distinctions have a purpose of understanding the very problem without which it cannot be resolved and consequently the further research will be continued in the same context. To understand, what image of the world in representation of the modern person, we shall consider, how conceptual elements (concepts) of system of outlook are formed.

In modern understanding an image is the form of reflection and development of person, a process of perceiving objects of the world, the product of consciousness generated during social activity [29]. That is, as the product of consciousness, an image is created as a result of social interaction on the basis of already available representation of the object. But at such understanding there is an unsoluble problem of occurrence of "hen" and "egg". Whence then there was a representation of object at the previous generation? What has appeared earlier: conceptual representation of object or an image of object and how in general there was a object?

In the antiquity a concept of an image simultaneously included concepts of an eidos and idea which meant a kind, the visible form, an image (Greek) . Eidoses or images were considered as " seeds of all things » (Anaksagor, Democrit). Firstly the concept of idea was opposed with an adios: an adios - a soul of a body and the beginning of differentiation of the world on separate subjects, and idea - spirit of a root, the general in the phenomena. Later external value and the internal maintenance of these concepts have approached because of impossibility of independent existence of ideas and things. The purpose of idea was creation of a thing, occurrence of object of the world. The idea has had an opportunity expressions in a matter (Aristotle). In due course the adios has conceptually passed changes and has got value internal, hidden. The adios was transformed to “object of intellectual essence ” (Gusserl), “ an idea perceived by mind, beheld intellectually ” (A. F. Losev) that it is possible to understand as an idea presented in the form of a picture - an adios or an image. In connection with occurrence of concept "matter" "concept" became a synonym of idea. However, as Leibniz approved, unlike ideas concepts  are artificial signs on things [29].

That is, during a certain time there was an identity between ideas/in the images - "seeds" of all things, and concepts - "names" of these images. And if the image bore in itself idea of object concept was a sign code of this image. It displayed essence of a subject in human thinking. At occurrence of similar equality there was a displacement of an image on its sign. The code of an image began to be perceived as an image of object, though as a matter of fact the seed (idea - an image) “ trees of a life ” (object) disappeared under an environment (a code symbol). As a result of conceptual displacement the object was received with a prototype which was not a copy of its real image - ideas. There was a mask under which the image of real object has disappeared. The outlook began to get features of outlook which have generated the device of a life on the concepts focused on creation of the artificial status - the person (person/mask) offering to the person to play performance of a life social roles.

But how there were concepts and where their source? We shall begin with the Old Testament. In the second chapter of Life it is readable:

Also the person named names to all cattles and birds to heavenly and all animals field …> [Life, гл. 2, 19-20, our italics].

Let's look, that is spoken in this occasion in the Koran:

So what did the Lord read in hearts of angels? We read further: [Sura 2, a verse 34, 35, пер. Century Powder].

At first sight there is a divergence: in the first case the man, possessing speech, independently named things, gave names to them, in the second case he was preliminary acquainted with their names, that, probably, caused envy of an angel. However, if to consider this divergence in a vein of the semantic theory reference it is found out, that it is a question of two kinds of semantics which represents a sense of sign forms. According to this theory semantics “of naming” (extensional) contains a volume of concepts, classes of subjects named by a word. Semantics “signification” (intentional) contains a set of conceivable attributes of a named subject. Distinction meanwhile, that is named by a name, and that is named, that individual objects are called, universal signified, and subjective images and representations differ from their senses [29]. Thus, the first man was acquainted with universal code system of things in which the word was a symbol of object and expressed its universal sense/idea by means of a meta language. And besides the opportunity to use a word through speech and language - sign conceptual system of coding of individual mentalities which represents itself as the subject language named by language-object [29] has been given to the person.

That is, the Lord informed Adam of universal fancies of objects and has allocated the man with perception - individual ability to display they be to multiply thus, and to give variety names - concept - display of essence of subjects in human thinking, forming thus subject language - so called thought-forms.

If to recollect that the early mankind had not developed a brain and indifferent consciousness it is possible to assume, that it directly perceived idea of object, its seed, engendering semantics which in process of differentiation of consciousness and development of a brain has generated code sign system - the alphabet and conceptual system - a basis of outlook. Apparently, in early human community interaction occurred at a level of fancies, that, actually and the early mythology which contains the universal archetypes in myths, was with a basis Theo centric archaic outlook. The egocentric outlook has arisen later, because of consciousness of the person as the subject separated from the objective validity. When the universal sense of subjects has disappeared under individual concept of this sense. It was the beginning of occurrence of structures of conceptual system which classified subjects, that developing languages and designating the validity as A. F. Losev wrote, «the symbol of the validity always is also a sign on the validity» [29]. The initial universal meta-language became system language, a kernel arisen after subject languages.

The researches of Russian scientist of A. Lukashevich (1846), named that first language « first-born is tot language » from which later by mixing syllables arose « charomutnie languages ». By means of his method of careful research of radical words of eight ancient and modern languages, A. Lukashevich proved Item, that a radical basis of languages is syllable ancient Russian, which author considered as " Language of the World », finds in it « first-born images» [18].

E. I. Mochalovoj's researches and century of V. V.  Danilov show a Theo centric philosophical basis of Russian which <… proves not only presence in the past of uniform language Arian  … and that there was no special Russian outlook, to any special Russian religion. There was a uniform Arian outlook> [22].

Linguist N. Vashkevich also speaks of a certain presence of a universal system language R-A (Russian-Arabian). In the works it opens the mechanism of occurrence of conceptual subject languages which semantic value, their kernel contains in universal system language of a brain, and subject languages are its tracing-paper not always precisely reflecting the original [8].

A physicist F. Kapra [32] also writes about the fact of mixture of representations about a reality with the reality by means of acceptance of symbols and concepts for a reality.

Apparently, about an opportunity of similar mixture the first man was warned in advance. We shall remember, that the Lord didn't  allow to come nearer to a tree of knowledge, that lays atop of the knowledge, that is to the code system, covering its symbols. To system with which acquainted, besides the person, and angels, obviously knowing, that one of angels will make something, that can lead to infringement of laws of a universe. Has forbidden to touch symbols on a cover by which true knowledge have been covered.

We can guess, that under "something" possible replacement of universal senses by conceptual semantic forms therefore there will be distinct from divine a conceptual system was meant. That is the outlook in which the person and its Creator will be divided, and a life of community will develop on human concepts - to human laws, creating lawlessness. Probably, it was a question of an opportunity of code conversion of senses when the sign on the validity will cease to be a symbol of the validity, and there will be artificial world outlook images which will not correspond to their initial idea. When the place of true will borrow its distortion as semantic definition of true and its predicate is "truly considered, for example, Tarsky as the term of a meta language correlating a name of the statement with the statement relative [29]. One of examples of distortion of true sense can result a word “pahan” which in pra-language is meant “ by the cleric in a countryside ” [6]. A difference in senses there is no necessity to make comments.

Thus the outlook changes, as [Materials KOB, 10, our italics]also changed.

If further to put to this reflection of research Dlyasiona, opened molecular scripting and thinking in which each letter of the alphabet corresponds to three albuminous amino acids of DNA participating in formation of a matter [12] it is easy to guess, what consequences substitution of semantic concepts can cause.

Moreover, the information which contains an image, idea, “ is hidden and inseparable in group of primary concepts from “ spirit ”, equal to energy/force “ [10]. Therefore it is necessary to reflect essentially on that spirit, and about that force which can be present at the changed subjective image, and so, in culture. From here there is also bible “ an image of an animal ” which is reflected as discrepancy of the arisen cultural disgrace to divine variety of a life.

So, we see the following: on the one hand, an external image of object - the visible form which is only a sign on an image, on the other hand, an internal image of object - the idea, the invisible form, a symbol of an image. And where object? What it actually? The consciousness of the subject perceiving object, reflects not object, and a fancy - the image of object coded by a sign symbol. When there is no sign on object, its coding, that is the concept about it, object becomes invisible. As an example of that the facts of absence of perception of the ship can serve in the African tribes which never saw it earlier. In that case Aristotle’s: “ the General is comprehended in concept ” takes place to be. And the problem of primacy of occurrence of "hen" and "egg" becomes solved as "hen" and "egg" externally differ under the form signs, but internally they contain ideas which have conceptually appeared simultaneously from one ideological source - uniform prime image.

In due time Democrit, G. Lock considered an image as a part of the original in a copy, representative sample in the form of pictures-aidoses. Later, in agnosticism, behiourism, code concepts of mentality the image has ceased to be a part of the prime image, and became only a label, a symbol, a hieroglyph. And conformity первообразу began to be expressed in model, the scheme, the script, a code, the frame, a metaphor, a symbol, a sign [29].

Images (ideas) or prime images are parts which are equal to the Whole (that is the direct knowledge of the Image of the Creator). His Idea was clear to the first man. For example, an image of a tree, its idea consists that it has roots, a trunk, branches, leaves, fruits, seeds. But trees differ one from another by root system, height, size and the form of leaves, etc. Names of trees enable to distinguish them from each other. That is, names of images are parts which are similar to the prime image, but are equal to it. They bring different perception of the prime image.

Hence, Democrit, G. Lock spoke about direct knowledge of object: its organization, a pattern of behavior, development - its prime image. In the set forth above research directions it is a question of the conceptual knowledge, arisen through individual perception of a universal image: similarity of object. That is, there is a mess of an image with its conceptual sign, equality between knowledge and perception, between image and its similarity is put. For this reason [32]. However, if to clean an equal-sign between image and its similarity all rises on the places. The prime image, coded in the form of a symbol or a sign, a picture as the pictogram in a computer, in the curtailed kind contains the program of the development. At activation of a symbol there is its decoding therefore there is a developed hologram of the prime image. But symbols, or signs, pictures of the prime image are not identical to it.

D. Berkli, I. Muller, C. Bell considered, that images express quality of our internal life and are the very essence of experiences, and to the basic quality carried conformity of an image to the prime image. In Gegel's opinion, the project of the future thing - objectification, occurs through interaction of an image and of the prime which creates new qualities through changes [29]. That is, the consciousness, reflecting an image, promotes creation of the world as the maintenance of an image is the idea bearing the information. And a person has an opportunity to carry out function reasonable inner mental creation as its reason on the origin is a part of the Reason of the Creator and consequently possesses its creative opportunities.

So, universal primary concepts bear in themselves objective fancies, and individual secondary concepts cover them with a cloth thougt-form, hiding their true nature. The person through perceptive system reflects an image of a part of the world and comprehends the reflected image through concept, plots the world a sign on object. But, as the founders of applying neoiropsycholinguistics say, « district maps are not district » [A. Korzhibski, 9]. On a map of the world (except for the designated objects studied during socialization of a life) there are « white spots » - the objects of the reality not investigated by consciousness, which are not registered by usual bodies of perception, and consequently have no concepts (as in a known phrase: « I’m not sure, that it’s so…»), that is are no visible forms of really existing objects. But it does not say that they don’t exist. Simply those who live in territory, do not have ways of movement in not studied places, therefore they do not represent those districts which are not named yet and are noted on a card by signs and consequently, have no a figurative picture.

These reasons are coincide with hypothesis of Vigner De Espania and De Boregard, confirmed experimentally by H.Schmidt. They assert that « the physical reality does not exist as all, and things turn to a reality only when they draw to itself an attention of the observer having a consciousness » [24]. This hypothesis originally confirms east concept of Maya – a world illusion, some essence that consciousness reflects only in its mind or radiation of a reality, but not a reality.

Thus, simultaneously the same reality is studied by different categories of researchers. Metaphysics put the signs on a map of the world, scientists go after and mark the same reality with other signs. Religious figures protect the representation of the world. A conceptual cloth which covers the real world is made of the different sign code systems creating an image of the world which is not identical to the thruth.


3. Structures of the outlook system


So, we have found out, that knowledge is expressed by means of a meta language, giving names - symbols or metaphysical abstract (primary) concepts to prime ideas of things. The perception is expressed by subject languages which give things/forms names - world outlook physical (secondary) concepts. They appear when human consciousness (due to its reflecting function) starts copying universe concepts. The human perception not always precisely reflects symbols as possesses individual properties which refract universe originally, creating diverse representation about it through different sign systems - alphabets. Therefore some names (synonyms) that creates a phenomenon of distinction of conceptual sights at the world can be given to the same metaphysical concept. Thus the outlook which has set of the outlooks based on representations about a reality, instead of on its direct knowledge is created.

The knowledge is metaphysical, non-material, it has its origin in the very center of Creation and reflects a sight of identity of the Creator and the created world. The perception is material, is shown through a great number of forms; it has the individual centers which form points of view on the creation as an identity of its Creator. At exact reflection of universal semantic concepts is a single complete outlook, in which each point of view is continuation another (by a principle addition), together making a magnificent dynamical image of the world. Such outlook represents a true image of the perfect world. It is the uniform point of view of the Creator and its Creation on world creative process, uniform external and internal vision of a reality.

It is clear, that the modern outlook reflects approximate representation of the reality. But it's just a private perception of the reality accomplished in the completeness. Our representations create its similarity in process of conformity to this perfection. Similarity is presented by conceptual structures - the ordered organizations of concepts or the concepts entering into this or that form of outlook. In what image secondary conceptual structures of outlook can correspond to primary conceptual metastructures? And in what measure the definition of the reality can correspond to original senses of a reality? How much they can be equal, or in what limits there can be their distinction?

An identity assumes an ultimate case of equality, mutual interchangeability of objects when the same thing is named by two names, by definition of Leibniz [29]. A case of true when the name/symbol of object completely coincides with a name/sign of object. When properties of two structures objectively coincide, being continuation each other. Earlier we found out, that absolute concurrence is not present, there are approximate concepts which have resulted from displacement, or their full replacement. The identity answers a principle of stability. Individual consciousness as the part of Universal Consciousness, reflects an objective image if it is involved in It. Then it reflects objective complete processes which are unchangeable and continuous. Objective processes occur outside of time and non-linear, have wave character. Discrete processes are linear, have characteristics of particles, proceed in time - its certain measure - measurement. From here there is an onto logic aspect of identity of D.Juma, expressed that everyone individualization is stability and a continuity of object at the assumption of its change in time [29].

In case of participation in individual consciousnesses the individual reflects the subjective image, the changed objective information, doing processes of the development not completed, at times not joined with each other and consequently unpredictable. There is a distinction - an inequality between objective and subjective processes. However, still Gegel considered, that an essence of dialectics in a reflection (self-reflection) of contrasts, down to an identification of contrasts in the third, new quality [29]. When the human consciousness reflects objective processes, subjective processes change up to equality of two contrasts, there is a new quality of this equality - harmony, as triune balance of the world. Therefore the person becomes identical to God that is expressed in equality of objective and subjective, external and internal developments of a life. In terms of theology it, being the son Human, simultaneously He is also the Son Divine.

When the individual by virtue of the development starts to reflect an objective Image, it can, opening in themselves potentialities of the Son of God to be identified with His Image, and to hasten to declare to the world the Second Coming, not understanding, that after such revelation of a potentiality it is necessary to show: efforts of soul to pass transformation of a human essence and to come by this Image, to become equal to It. Instead of it the most simple and unique step of an identification of the name with a name of the one who was historically equal to the Creator is made. Thus it is identified not with the first image (archetype) of Christ, and with a psycho-type of Jesus Christ - collective representation about It is stored collective memory, the image allocated by improbable sufferings of flours of the crucifixion. Owing to what becomes the carrier of this collective deformed image, from here “pseudo-Christ”. Any psycho-type bears mental energy inherent in it therefore the identification with it is fraught with the consequences. Undoubtedly, in a life of an individual will appear psycho-typical “Pilate” which “ will wash his hands ”, having given on the crucifixion in the modern ways to priests and psychiatrists, and its life will be filled with flours. Therefore still Jesus Christ warned of that “ do not be tempted with My name. ”

Whether it is necessary to a society to discredit these people, attributing it megalomania? Undoubtedly, do not splash out the child together with the water. The understanding of developments which occur to the person is necessary. Perceiving an objective image, the human consciousness finds to it an explanation in the socio-cultural memory which obligingly offers familiar world outlook representations and names. But each person is a part of the God, a part of Uniform process, a word of His Creating Idea which comprises a complete Image, completeness of all mental creating process. And consequently, as a part of process, or the object, has the divine name and as its reflection, the subject, possesses the individual name. Hence, it needs to be identified with itself - divine idea itself, instead of false human collective representation of the Son of Divine, and to name the name, not appropriating other. To take Christ from a cross, to restore His true image in collective representation. To become involved to the God His part. To realize true sense of the Participle, opening in itself the Son Divine which symbol is Christ. To show the Son of God in Himself, to restore His Image as Christ [26].

We are to understand, that the person is identical, equal to the God not in itself, but only the Divine is a constant part of our born, “ a little spark of the Divine ” what is in our souls as the very idea of the Person, the Prime Image, the Standard. Each person potentially comprises the idea - the Son of God - the Christ – and by its individuality, the Divine Spirit. When the changed consciousness clears off all its human egoism, it can become equal to the immortal consciousness of Christ , to Spirit to the Divine, Fatherly Spirit. Our consciousness can get the completeness. The most vital problem of every person is to obtain the revelation the Son of Divine, His Spirit, clarification of human consciousness from prejudices and ignorance, misunderstandings of the true Son nature, restoration of this original sense. Then there will be no mess and contentions in a society in occasion of occurrence pseudo-Christs, or Koran objections, that the God does not have the Son.

Certainly, there is no, in sense of His birth. The Сreator is not born, He is, His part, the Son also is not born, He simply is in each person as the Spirit of the Divine/The Idea/The Prime Spirit/the Prime Image/the Word/the Information/the Energy. The Son of Divine (without any conjectures and distortions) in every person having exclusive photogenic cleanliness of consciousness - Maiden the Saint who gives the Birth to the Son of God: precisely reflects the consciousness an image of the Son of God, shows the Word, and through it becomes God’s Mother. The Son of Human is equal to the Son of God, to the Word in cleanliness of the Image of the Father, in Saint Spirit is equal to Him. They are - the One: the Sacred Trinity which as a matter of fact is One Divine Face. That is why – “My Mother is Saint Spirit. [20, with. 67].

Loss of the true face occurs as a result of a misidentifying with itself, true "I", idea\the prime image in mother’s belly if it has primary pure complete consciousness (which in Buddhism is considered as free from any concepts of dual thinking). Actually, the matter of the bible "fall of man" is a split of consciousness (a tear of pleroma in Gnosticism), its division into two halves which disappeared from each other: consciousness and sub consciousness, because of a loss of an objective-subject integrity that had become vicious. Consequently our consciousness is unable to perceive entire idea/information/the Prime Image of an engendering organism: the plan is so that - the uterus of a woman (by means of elements of matters) builds a body of a baby. It is a problem of the superficial consciousness, being perceiving structure of the Prime Image which is in sub consciousness. If integrity of consciousness, communication of its two parts is broken, the woman perceives only a certain part of the information/the Prime Image small “ a sparkle of Divine ”, and even what else, according to a degree of distortion of consciousness subjective representations of the reality, and gives rise to the imperfect mortal person which body is constructed not on a divine plan of the immortal spirit, but by human representation of death rate to all alive creatures. The Divine Spirit offers an infinite process of transition from one forms of a life to others, their transformation and revival, human - death and decomposition. So the immaculate conception gives a birth to an immortal life; conceived in defect of consciousness the life is born for disposal of it by various sufferings, coming to its end, - the end of fate – a death.

In a process of growing up a developing consciousness of a child is identified with image which develops from mental constructs: - own representations based on values, artificial social and cultural stereotypes, desires of adults. There is an egoism, as an image “ I of another ”, representation of itself on a basis of certain information received from outside, a certain outlook. It is stored in sub consciousness of an individual and contains the false program mismatching a measure of its development. In a society where an egocentric outlook reigns, the child joins in social processes which are not equal to his natural processes. Having put on a social mask or a mask, on the true part/individuality, the image, it becomes not privy to natural developments of individuality, misidentifying with them, loses the Participle, communication with the Creator. Harmonious co-ruling an individual life (sinarchia) it is replaced by a management of crises of development persons (anarchy) - by reactions of an organism to distinction of an internal and external image "I" that force to change masks in process of development and to play different roles in performances it is artificial the created life.

Bad adaptation to change of masks finds the expression in psychopathology, diseases of the bodies, a deviating behavior, a narcotism, alcoholism, smoking. The potential which contains in a difference of natural and social information, is a source of many diseases. Frequently illness is the protest of an organism against social lie and misunderstanding of its true nature. As <… the idea of an organism cannot include illnesses for they have no nominal prime images; - they exist only as infringement of harmonious life> [39].

It is paradoxical, but actually illness is protective function of a developing human system. The action it destroys the matter bearing the deformed information/image. But thus it generates the system which is not having a real source which is compelled to eat energy of an organism, devouring it. The external form of this system - symptoms of illness. We are born and we live on the deformed image in which its elements are collected according to perception of the world. It is the imperfect synthesis differing a perfect Image. Treatment of illness is destruction of its system, but not removal of the reason of occurrence. The protective mechanism every time will destroy wrong assembly (mental construct) the Image creation of new illness. This process is movement of a body to death. Until there will be changes in system of thinking and there will be no correct synthesis or the perfect assembly of elements of the Image, achievement immortality it is impossible.

The modern approach of medicine suggests the doctor to treat illness. However, attempts to cure an organism appear fruitless: at exception of one disease later there is another, through all the same difference of energy-information potentials. The version of illnesses reflects fluctuation of a difference of potential. And only at data on there is no potential difference through removal of mistakes of perception, restoration of an original image "I", the organism cures completely due to returning in it sur-personal forces, as parts of universal energy. Therefore, the identity to the true way of life bears health, well-being and prosperity of people. It if want, national idea which is searched by "patriots" of Russia in darkness of an excommunication from the Creator.

We know from the Holy Wright, that a man is created on the Image of God. That is, the maximum "I" of the person or its idea/the Prime Image is identical to the Image Divine, the lowest "I" - an image “of another I ”, has degrees of identity or perfection, and by virtue of it is similar to Him. A structure which is responsible for similarity or quantity of the qualitative maintenance of the Image, the measure of the organization of human system (Lat. modus) or modus, often translated on Russian as “lad”. The measure contains the instruction (Greek - a program) which includes the information: how to begin, continue and finish the development in process of conformity to the Image of the Creator. That is, the measure is the universal evolutionary program expressing a degree of perfection of development of a life, quantity of identity to the Image. The universal measure comprises symbolical codes, modal characteristics and functions of the Image. In codes its information - wave parameters is ciphered: Amplitude, frequency, phase of fluctuation of the Idea hidden in it expressing Idea of the Creator. These parameters are a potential condition of a primary matter – of Substational Realities, the General basis of the Beginnings, the Nature of Idea/think/image, the Real One.

The ciphered parameters are stored in the pure not raised condition of a universal measure in it modulation structure or the module, (Lat. modul - a converter) in the form of the ordered wave structures, complete in the completeness. By means of the module potential wave characteristics of a universal measure will be transformed to orders/cosmoses of private measures hierarchically enclosed each other - fashions or models with private wave modules. Private measures/models express strict space order of measures of similarity to the Image, and contain evolutionary programs of hierarchical development of the material matter, representing Its variety - variants of development of a life, its scripts, evolution of a matter or, in another way, the matrixes containing prime images. Therefore, even Pythagoras marked, that the Creator “matrixes” the material world. That is, the universal measure comprises set of orders/cosmoses hierarchically enclosed each other - private measures or matrixes like a principle of Russian nested doll.

As a result of modular influence on metricss of a universal measure there is a Universal Consciousness which reflects wave parameters. Reflection of parameters gives the volumetric image or the hologram - the Universal Image of the Perfect Person/world.

The module defines constant limiting sizes of influence on expansion, compression and shift of the sample of the future material matter. As a result module influences there is a transition of parameters of the Image from an initial condition in quantum. So the Image and Its Nature - Real, the Primary Substance, is dismembered on set prime images, samples of a primary matter, the future objects, essences. The Transcendental Reality quants on hierarchical levels of a reality. The square of the module defines likelihood conditions of a matter which enter the name in numerical codes or metrics - retransmitters of symbolical system of the Image. Each amplitude becomes an element of a matrix of possible conditions and answers transformation and a birth of quantum particles. The square of the module of matrix elements defines probability of conformity to the Image.

The universal measure differs from private measures/models by a centering, tones, presence half notes gravitations. It is a job-harmonious aligned structure which expresses a uniform sound - a sound of pleasure of a harmonious image of the world.

Private measures/models are not centralized, there are no tone gravitations. These are structures which are responsible for a rhythm and psycho-emotional development of the person/community, a matter. Private measures/models reflect a universal measure and as its parts comprise the full information of development of a life. The uniform chord of a life by means of modulate structures through private measures radiates waves, their combination - the melodies expressing a joyful image of the world.

Well where does another image of this world come where melodies and pleasures, and grieves live? The certain degree of freedom of interaction of matrix elements is inherent in each private measure. According to this freedom synthesis is offered – a program connection, interaction of primary elements and, as consequence of it, a degree of perfection of a matter and a stage of its development. The lower the hierarchy of the order/space of a private measure, the less freedom of interaction of matrix elements and lower their synthesis, the substance of the matter, is more dense than the perfect qualities in model of its development less. A development of a person/community represents a development of orders of synthesis of a matter, private measures, inter-put each in the other hierarchical processes of a multivariate reality. It is similar to process of assembly of a picture of a mosaic, consecutive connection of primary elements, prototypes of the Image dismembered on parts.

A process of assembly is individual, therefore in the world community there can be a prevalence of this or that step of the development corresponding certain synthesis of substance of a matter. The higher is the synthesis, the higher is the space hierarchy of consciousness, the more perfect is the world community. Each person stands at its level of development, and radiates the individual synthesis or the degree of freedom and perfection.

If a certain consciousness integrity is broken, there is a failure co-ruling (sinarchy) hierarchical inter-put processes of multivariate development of a matter/person/community. In a system of outlook there is an imperfect synthesis of a matrix elements, developments go out of the control, become unpredictable, the degree of probability decreases, harmony disappears, the place of space borrows chaos. There is a distortion of model of a development model, in it there are the programs bearing deformed synthesis - the deformed assembly of the Image. The more distortions in model, the appears every possible diseases, accidents and so on more.

Minor sounds (which are not present in a true image of the world) come to major melodies of the world sounding. There is a suffering image of the world which answers major-minor model of development of a life. Melodies of this model are known in Buddhism as "good" and "bad" karma. In such model a hierarchy of processes, an order of their development and as consequence, they cannot generate new quality of a life - its harmony is broken. Processes are capable to create only a "good" or "bad" melody of a life. As between them there is no centering, interaction of contrasts becomes impossible, so, they cannot “get on well. ”Karma reflects a private measure/model of development to which elimination of the deformed synthesis of elements/concepts of outlook due to change of the points of view with the world is required, transforming "bad" processes to "good" and demand adjustments for a rhythmic process of its development which approaches a person/community to similarity of the Divine Image. Various variants of models of development, with a different degree of synthesis including minor, are well described in D. Andreev's book “ The Rose of the World ”, and also in E. Siedenburg’s works.

So, the universal measure is a reference abstract measure of all things which отграничивает, structures by a principle of  "gold section“ a uniform Image on set of the prime images/archetypes of things in this world. If we speak about The Man, Who is the measure of all things » we are to remember that He is the absolute structured Divine Image of the prime-person «a copy of the Creator, Whose reflection we and are. The structure of a reference measure no-menal, constant, and defines parities of reference variety of the world.

The private measure puts admissible borders of deviations from the Image and defines its similarity - quantity of intrinsic objective qualities, fixing them in an originality of objects of the world. It is dynamical, changeable, phenomenal. The measure serves problems of synthesis of pull together pairs - the God and the person, uniform pair essence of no-menon and a phenomenon; where a no-menon is a no-menon, but there is a measure where a no-menon is not a no-menon. In this case contrasts act as the parties of the same object, therefore they have the general features and concrete identities. The united pair of a no-menon essence and of a phenomenon can be presented as a bowl of a mollusk where there is a sand thing. By means of an interaction of this little thing and the mollusk in a pearl is born. Concerning development of a human system the phenomenal measure is a time identification of divine aspect and the person which as a result of perfection is replaced with a new measure of an identification, approaching the person to a divine ideal.

During misidentifying there created a buffer between an old and new measure, a strip timeless in where the space still is not structured, has no any new image. It is the moment of chaos interfaced to difficulties of transition to a new measure which is expressed a denying all old ideals, fragile the settled representations and stereotypes of behavior. One of two extreme outlooks starts to be rejected. The rejection is possible in two variants: due to accumulation of quantity of inconsistent sights, or identical representations. In any case it inevitably passes in a new qualitative condition of consciousness. There is other image of the world to which realities of a life of the world community mismatch. There is a potential difference between new image of the world and old representation about it which puts community before a choice from two extreme opportunities.

The first opportunity is defined by a quantum leap due to resistance of the old outlook, community braking development. In case of concurrence of representations of two extreme outlooks process is brought to nothing, the validity "is tightened" up to a level of a new image of the world and thus changes itself. In the first case arise destructive processes of transmutation, in the second case transformational.

Inconsistent apocalyptical forecasts of development of the world community (those appeared by the end of the XX-th century) as a matter of fact reflect a choice between two extreme opportunities: transition to a new measure of comprehension of a life through a power process of transmutation - « a fiery christening », or transformation - gradual change of sights through crises of development. The choice in any case remains individual, can move only quantity of representations …

A transition to new model of development by the power variant caused by resistance of an egocentric outlook, leads the world community to deadlock. In the struggle of two contrasts generated by antagonism of representations, one of world forces wins, expressing the victory fire or water. The opportunity of destruction of a civilization from transmutation "a fiery christening " (force of entropy, thermal expansion, radiation) also is probable, as a flood or a congelation at « a water christening » (from a cold of force of compression, a condition close to a condition of " a black hole »), otherwise, from sharp change полярностей. By mythology, such events happened on our planet not once. A resistance to the evolutionary process creates an output on the next cyclic circle of development through a survival of individual persons.

The other choice means a way of gradual transformations, extremely long, and it does not exclude an opportunity of occurrence of false notes of an illusion of perception at the next stage of development. At both cases there is a situation of " a double clip » when what way would not choose, it all equally leads to the next sufferings. The mankind goes this way any more than the first millennium.

Evidently, it is time to realize, that they reflect dualism of human egocentric way of thinking. And, maybe, it is necessary to change an attitude at the world, having recognized a great variety of forms of an original perception of a reality in a uniform context of object-subject as a harmonious parity divine in a human life, and to establish its sense in alive and eternal realization prime images which comprise a conference of a person. A uniform and Eternal Image of the Universe where a conference of parts reflects the Idea of the Life - the Alive Word of Love Where there is no fact of any destruction. And whether it is necessary to think out variants of a survival when the life persistently offers the Uniform Field of Love: secret knowledge in which each divine creation harmoniously and naturally develops. It is the way of a recognition of own divinity to itself, a way of healing of thinking, a way of pleasure of creation as a result of which the person should not pass a long way becoming a true person through crises of development and transformation.

A. Men wrote: [21, our italics].

The law Jesus obeyed, is the law of natural development of a life, the law of reflection of a universal measure in its all completeness which opportunity of execution lays in not divided, complete consciousness. The ordinary, subjective consciousness separated from deep multivariate consciousness, is unable to master a measure of the law of the development. Inability to live in process of reflects the extreme points of view of superficial judgement of poverty and riches, legality and lawlessness for division of Uniform Structure inter-put developments on private perception creates the mechanism of alienation or an excommunication from the complete organization of Universal Consciousness. It becomes non-consciousness structure in where dwells a forgotten part - the Word that is the greatest mystery of a life opening doors in the highest reality.

That is covered under a thicknesses of consciousness’ waters, is invisible, and consequently is not recognized, as the desire to see is completely rejected by the same division. For it is impossible to see that you consider as a trifle and overindulgence of consciousness. The reality of Consciousness is rejected not because there is no belief in it but is because, that it escapes from a sight bearing algorithm of denying. In ideas of denying the reality becomes invisible, hidden, disappears its color fades away because paints of individuality do not paint it, do not draw imagination, being misidentified by its image. The reality is created by a mechanism of vision. And if there is no such a mechanism there is no a reality. Everything, that surrounds us, is created by a vision of structure of an original perception. A perception is a desired entertainment for small children. They know what is the reality, they perceive it directly. And only when there is a mechanism of concealment of a reality, the original perception becomes impossible.

The structure of original perception represents dynamics of movement of a static Image in mutual reflections of universal consciousness and individual consciousness. This movement is created due to the mechanism of vision of an original reality through a reflection of individual consciousness which, according to hierarchically enclosed processes of its development, can reflect only that site of a reality which is opened in it by the certain frequency of a matter. Strictly speaking, the individual consciousness passes the development and has hierarchical growth. It enables the person to see a reality the fragments making its integrity. In process of development the degree of disclosing of a reality increases and, according to it there is more exact image. However, as in a parable where one at the elephant through a keyhole, the imagination of the person takes part in an interpretation of the elephant, an associative memory completes the vision to logically clear image which is easily guessed in his world outlook aspects. In every case incompleteness is filled with an imagination and mental constructs. Also the image is unimportantly, how much correctly interpreted, that part of the reality which is acquired and embodied as revelation of integrity of the world, its incommensurable with what a reality veiled by a cover of conceptual concepts and fixed where development of sensibleness is not important.

The sensibleness of parts of the reality is a real perception, and it is given not on belief in it, but according to a degree of revelation of frequencies of individual consciousness, structures of vision - revelations of "eyes" on each hierarchical ascention to herself. It is impossible to see completeness of a life without these revelations of "eyes", and, as it is known from the evangelical parables, “ a blind leads a blind to a hole ” therefore and “ they do not know, what they do”. It is impossible for human spirit to see a nakedness of the body in blindness of the closed eyes of the consciousness. The ignorance dresses the naked true of human soul in clothes of suffering, and sends it to wander on the illusory worlds, “bardo”, described in “ The Tibetan Book of Dead "." Dead ” consciousness for cannot be alive, dynamical the consciousness fixed in a statics of a body-coat, tightly clasped on buttons of the points of view on own nature, ideas “fix” from which it is possible to be released only by gradual removal of these clothes, at worst its death. Under it there will be even more thin clothes, also a cover of a blindness which will be removed only by the Spirit, having naked the truth of a human nature by a revelation of its clothes. Therefore, a revelation of the Spirit takes you “ to the new Earth and the new sky ” – a new vision of the reality, which also will pass when there comes a term of the next removal of an environment of consciousness, the next step of its disclosing in a multivariate reality of the alive law of a life as status of natural development of the world.

So, we shall bring a certain private result. Any spontaneous system has static and dynamical structure. Cybernetics and theories of systems formalized structures in the form of structural matrixes, and holistic the direction of researches has entered such characteristics of structures, as integrity or unity. In holistic paradigm the basis of structure are dialectic attitudes of a part and the whole where the parts are significant only from the point of view of the whole, and on the contrary, and the structure is defined as complete an organizing principle [29]. Our research of structures of system of outlook does not contradict the above-stated sights.

We have found out that a static structure of system of outlook is homogeneous, complete, includes primary concepts which are inseparable from each other as though it there were not divided parts of one body. In it there are no spatial distinctions and divisions, attitudes between contrasts. All its components are completed as individual it is not separated from the general. By way of uniform action each primary concept is the whole. The structure stays in equilibrium rest. The structure will not transform any primary concept in new as that is perfect.

The Creator identifies Himself. The universal Consciousness completely reflects the Image therefore the Reality of the abstract world is invisible, and consequently, the static wave structure of a matrix which carries out invisible management of developments of a life as the radiating principle of Creation - contains the wave module is invisible also. In эзотерической traditions it corresponds with a symbol of the Spiritual Sun, and the reference matrix in its beams gets a symbol of the Wife invested by the Sun of the Truth.

The dynamic structure of system of outlook is uniform and includes in the unity the secondary concepts defining the attitudes of Whole and its parts - Space which is not so complete and homogeneous, and is uniform in the Trinity. Secondary concepts are born allocation from concept of its part which on sense is equal to it and its partition on two opposite senses. One of which is denying or reflection, zero sense (by a principle "Yes" – “No”). The sense of occurrence of secondary concepts lays in exarticulation of a part of concept for a free exchange with other allocated parts, generating new concept which was not in uniform. This free creativity or free speech which belongs to dynamical structure of outlook. Therefore this concept is much richer than the whole set of concepts with their incalculable variety which has resulted transformations. This set has a constant part of the whole - a seed concepts, its root sense which does not vary under no circumstances. Where secondary concepts are similar primary, but not equal to them, however in them there is a part which is equal on sense to primary concept. It is a constant part of knowledge, a part of a complete reality, its measure which in all created worlds is a steady point of a support of dynamically developing structure of outlook, its unsinkable island among storming waves of ocean of a life.

So the Image is dismembered on a triad of prototypes, the Word on a triad of words, concept on a triad of concepts. Connection/synthesis or «coming in thee» different levels of outlook, also as well as levels of the Universe, Cosmoses or dynamic models of consciousness with the private measure of primary concepts are under construction. Secondary concepts in relation to primary concepts and the Whole have one general identity. The whole and parts - Space have one nature - consciousness. Secondary concepts are not equal to each other as they cannot be equal among themselves the person and a tree. But them the uniform intrinsic nature - unites among themselves consciousness. Therefore [38]. Both of these worlds are potential and invisible. Each idea, a thought presented by a picture or an image/hologram, in the relative world – Space – thirsts the display, its revelation of a synthesis of elements of a private measure, a dynamic model of consciousness. That comes when the whole (as a result of division) multiplies the whole, expands with its set of concepts reflecting a great variety of Creation.


4. Coherence and interaction of outlook structures


So, it is obvious, that the modern outlook has a set of representations of the reality. These representations are not connected with each other. They are just different interpretation of the same reality. For a person it creates certain difficulties in realizing and comprehension its place in a life, breaks natural balance of the forces necessary for creative development. For elimination of the arisen disharmony it is required to comprehend communication of the various representations, being the realized fragments of a reality, to connect them in matrix system of the enclosed each other, connected structures enclosed each other among themselves - models of a reality. That is to generate the complete picture of the world consisting of parts supplementing each other - the private representations reflecting completeness of the world. Synthesis of representations which recreates a real image of the world. This idea has under itself ground of unity of a science, religion, metaphilosophy. The unity does not assume eclecticism - isolated structures of outlook. In synthesis each person can see communication of own representations, find it addition that expands a picture of the world, does its fuller. Therefore synthesis specifies dynamics, coauthorship of different representations, but not antagonism of the postulates which have fallen asleep in dogmatism. It is continuous infinite process, however it does not conduct to bad infinity for consists of uniform structures - processes of comprehension of a reality in process of its revelation.

Thus, we give to a reader an opportunity of alive partnership in this synthesis, its continuations, leaving in it an empty seat for expression of own representation about a reality. The only thing that is necessary for they be to find a link with other representations, to find communication with set of people or communication with the world - reflection of the Creator. Proceeding from these reasons we begin this never-ending process, connecting together structures of outlook.

So, we shall begin with Absolute Anything - the Absolute. In world outlook concepts it is not born absolute reality. Abstract objectivity, Not-real, not-existence individual objects, Parabrahman. The whole.

Allocation (emanation) from complete abstract objectivity of the part accomplished and equal to Whole - Uniform or occurrence of an one-native absolute reality - Emanations of the Absolute or the Spirit, being simultaneously Life and Consciousness. In which the Consciousness is the nature of Spirit, the Maximum Soul, an active principle of Creation. It includes Memory of Spirit, Reason of Spirit and its Individuality - an immortal Ego, the maximum Mind. In the activity comprises a passive part - the Observer, as reflection of Himself.

Life is the nature of the Matter, a passive principle of Creation. Life its alpha-metrics (alphabet) or sizes, and the converter of metricss - the wave module includes a universal measure-matrix. In the passivity comprises an active part - the wave module. Life has potentialities - to be the whole and uniform (synthesis of particulars). The consciousness has potentialities - to be uniform by the nature (to the nature of Spirit which protogenic Heavenly Person is, Purusha) and to comprise plurality (the nature of the Matter, mankind). The plural consciousness, objecting itself approves the third potentiality - Lifes and Consciousnesses or the Person having spirit, soul and a body.

This three potentialities are realized in unilateral and unseparable expressions of Spirit or Trinity Spirit – “esm” Spirit where «esm» it is translated from ancient Slavic as Trinity:

- A complete homogeneous reality - Real or universal energy-informational the Integrated Field of Consciousness. A receptacle and a conductor of Spirit, pure consciousness, an immortal Ego. « I am (esm) »;

- A uniform space reality is the Uniform Reality. Energy-informational the Uniform Field of Consciousness. Occurrence of the Observer - the Maximum "I" or « I - who есмь ». The beginning of Creation of the World. Structurization of the Field of Consciousness inter-put in each other, the interconnected information matrixes - private measures;

- A plural phenomenal of the reality. Uniform pair Real is the Uniform Reality as a part of the Whole in which it is inherent (is involved) the synthetic nature of Consciousness. A synthetic plural Field of Consciousness with various modulated energy-informational structure. Includes in the structure individual fields the Consciousnesses make a collective energy-informational “Floor”. Occurrence plural « I is not (esm) I », but is similar to it. Consecutive comprehension of the spiritual nature created, arrival to understanding, that « I am (esm) The One Who is (esm) », « I am (esm) Him». The occurrence of full realization of еру Spirit - its Completeness. When the internal reality of the nature of Spirit becomes external, a matter - alive shone, spiritual matter possessing a reason, a mentality, consciousness and feelings.

Thus the Field of Consciousness (an esoterics name the Field of Spirit or the Field of Love) includes a triad energy-informational Fields enclosed each other by a principle matrix (a principle of a context) which are dynamical wave structures of the Creation which have left static complete homogeneous structure - preeternal waters of not differentiated space "Father-Mother", the Great Mother of the World - Emptiness which hides in itself under a cover of the nature of spiritual matter of the completeness of Creation.

It is symbolically reflected in the Banner of Mother of the World of a well-known artist and thinker N. Roerih. Colors of the Russian banner, named in esoteric traditions « a belt of Mother », also reflects the Trinity of Fields of the Spirit.

The field of Consciousness is a natural potential environment in which the pressure between object-subject poles contains energy of an embodiment of an idea. The potential is liberated by means of movement. It is a material data carrier (or an ether) which possesses four base processes:

1. Process of balance biners - polar natural forces;

2. Process of expansion or hot synthesis;

3. Process of compression or cold synthesis;

4. Process of interaction of polar forces - double synthesis: transformation biners in a harmony of strength of mind.

Base processes have the following eight conditions:

- A primary latent condition - the Zero or Emptiness/vacuum - compressed up to singular points a reality or the compressed world that there is an energy as the general measure of various kinds of movement and interaction of a matter and consciousness, a matter in the pure state. Readiness for the maximal information condition when energy/pure the matter passes to information forms of the world or waves of consciousness at ocean of Consciousness;

- A condition of expansion or reflection of a measure/energy/matter, its copying. Expansion of the Matter and Consciousness, hot synthesis. Occurrence of secondary conditions - « space - time » and « a wave - a field of Consciousness » where time is an electric charge or dot object, and its change or reflection is the dot wave subject;

- A condition of compression (twisting, curtailing, coagulation) as the certificate of restoration of former balance during which the third is born - material force. Compression of the Matter (curtailing of space) up to substance/particle, compression of Consciousness up to a wave, substances together representing energy. Cold synthesis. Occurrence of the wave module or the converter of a measure as a result of occurrence of a zone of an interlacing полярностей: corpuscles/weights - the closed point (the compressed matter) as measures of inertness or a measure of rest (cold synthesis) and waves/impulses as measures of movement (hot synthesis);

- A condition of transformation of a point of compression/corpuscle or time which result is its change/reflection and transformation to a wave or a point of expansion. A condition of transition of cold synthesis in hot. It is accompanied by rotary movement of a corpuscle about the axis, that put it in aspiration to keep integrity in the form of a wave. At transition of rotation about the axis in circular rotation there are copies/reflections of a particle, quantums or its vibrations as expansion of the world. Wave characteristics of a particle are its changed, transformed condition;

- A condition of quantization/copying/reflection of a uniform reality, expansion/expansion of the Field of Consciousness or the continuous environment connecting particles in uniform information system which transfers actions of one particles to others in this environment. Expansion is heat exchange or power transfer of the information (consciousness), unlike compression which is exchange or transfer of a matter. A condition of set of reflections of elementary particles - plural consciousness or a field condition;

- A condition of plural consciousness, compression water Consciousnesses, rotation or movement of set of fields of Consciousness as new independent reflection of object by the subject. Occurrence of perception. Occurrence of set of forms (consciousness) and their maintenance (matter) as a result of fluctuation of the Field of the Consciousness causing its crushing. The part of consciousness, falls outside the limits the whole consciousness, itself becomes the whole consciousness, being turned off in a roll. Occurrence of the discrete environment due to taking waves off a field that breaks off Consciousness. A condition of the phenomenal visible world when the consciousness can see only consciousness or thermal radiation, that is transfer of information forms, instead of a matter or the world of original things. A condition of illusion of perception in a natural limit of world system - chaos;

- A condition of synthesis of spiritual matter. Expansion of plural consciousness, its expansion with lumpsum compression of a matter in сингулярную a point. Transition to a new measure of development by expansion сингулярной points. Lumpsum hot and cold synthesis - double synthesis polarities (Fiery Water), synthesis of spiritual matter, display of a universal measure through private measures;

- A condition of Completeness - full display of the potential world. Integration or restoration of Spirit and the Matter in the pure state. Unity of Consciousness and the Matter, their harmony. Completeness behind which Emptiness disappears.

The scheme which we in brief, not pressing in special details, shall describe for some explanation of senses is those.

Complete homogeneous reality the Consciousness and the Matrix represent « preeternal waters of space, (or « the Father - Mother », Nut in the Egyptian mythology above which the Spirit with world egg » [6]) - that is an idea of the World soars. Human consciousness reflects wave sizes of the Idea. At reflection of amplitude of a wave there is a black-and-white flat figure, amplitudes and frequencies - the color image, amplitudes, frequencies and phases - the volumetric image or the hologram, the Image of Idea.

The wave module (converter), influencing sizes of a matrix, braids them in a singular point. There is a zero, zero measurement in which the point of singularity is a point of a birth of a plane, a point of a fractal of which the structurally-certain plane inevitably is under construction. The creation of phenomena of consciousness begins with a point of a fractal which in the expansion creates the world. Through this singular point energy passes and transfers in information, and information in energy as energy is a matter and consciousness in the compressed condition. Integrity splits on parts. There are processes (a fabric of events) or the dynamic patterns, being parts - the certain movements of mental energy.

Properties of parts is ability to cooperate. Processes are characterized by symmetry that is closely connected with laws of preservation of total of the information. That is, there is a certain constant, constant size of quantity of the information, stability of process - a point of its balance. The certain quantity of constants or model of probability of process participates in each process. There are private measures-matrixes with a set of probabilities and the subsequent possible reaction where for each reaction this or that probability depending on a stock of energy and other parameters of reaction is characteristic.

As the Consciousness reflects wave parameters, it becomes the Observer, capable to generate a wave, showing that the activity. Not local character of a reduction of wave function leads to remote influences, that is, the maximum "I" operate activation of processes on the mechanism of quantum correlation as the Field of Consciousness is a quant-psycho-correlative network system, in which cells of a matrix are connected among themselves but not by local psycho-correlative communications. The field of Consciousness possesses structure or a network - « a web of a life », quantum psycho-correlation. Therefore the nature of Spirit/showers or Consciousness is quantum non-locality which allows to transfer the information instantly.

The nature is necessary to model a life, to create models of its development as it possesses geometry of space-time. The spirit models dynamical existential geometrical models of consciousness. A quantum-correlative network of the Field of Consciousness is the prototype of a neural network of a human brain. It is a global Reason, a data carrier which possesses the Superbrain - the module or the converter of frequencies of Consciousness. The global Reason creates natural patterns - models of development of a life - geometry of space-time - measurements. Measurement is the natural model of the consciousness which have left a universal measure as a matrix, original an alpha-daughter.

After modulative influences there is a Pure Consciousness for it reflects Emptiness (shuniata, Ind.). It becomes the Uniform Field of Consciousness, with curtailed in codes - symbols in sizes of the First Image, their alpha-metrics, the alphabet - codes of DNA of a preeternal alive matter – proto-element from which there is an albuminous life. [6]. Movement of this alphabet is symbolically expressed by a svastica and a svastic cross.

There are contrasts, the complete reality becomes a uniform reality - presented in a monadic unit, or an active principle of the Man's Beginning, and its reflection - zero, or a passive principle of the Female Beginning. There is a projection of the maximum "I", Maya, a world illusion, self-reflection or a reflection, reflection reflected, and also a binary code of distinction of a reality from illusion - 1 and 0. The dialectics of attitudes of two contrasts creates the third, new quality - alive spiritual matter, possessing mentality, reason, consciousness, individuality.

The active principle possesses centripetal force which influences on сингулярную a point, discomposes complete process, the point loses a support, the center and begins movement. Centrifugal force of counteraction of a passive principle tries to return to a point a support. There is a basic whirlwind, rotation of a point, deployment of its sizes.

As a result of arisen dynamics there is a substance – the first element an alive matter – proto-nitrogen oxygen carbon proto-nitrogen and the first elements of material objects of the world – proto-hydrogen, proto-oxygen and proto-carbon, - the first images which are reflected in the Floor of Consciousness, printed in it. The field of Consciousness becomes the carrier первообразов, their "memory".

The consciousness of the Uniform Field, reflecting packed information of the First Image, is capable to realize it by an output or differentiation from a universal measure, carrying out thus the Divine Plan which is intended for disclosing parts of the First Image - models, scripts of a life in time. Excitation of a matrix of a modulational structure and an output from it means movement of parts of the First Image, the beginning of its creative process matterialization, occurrence of space measurements as a result swinging, expansions of sizes of a matrix, transformation of waves of consciousness to particles of a matter. Process of influence of forces of expansion and compression occurs till the moment of restoration of balance when there is a subject - a part of a primary matter which reflects a part of consciousness. Other parts of a matter and consciousness are in the curtailed kind. This condition shows the known symbol of Dao.

A zero or spherical space shares on two parts, forming system of coordinates of the matrix which are being on the one hand in sphere of consciousness, with another in sphere of a matter which numerical sizes get irrationality and rationality. The further movement occurs in a serial rhythm of squeezing-expansions of parts of a matter and fields of consciousness. Compression water consciousnesses gives partial reflection that creates the hologram of parts of the First Image and allows to show an objective reality through the material nature (Prakriti).

It does not contradict model of vacuum of S.Vajnberga and S.Gleshou based on idea of fluctuation according to which the physical vacuum represents quantum-dynamic object which shows the physical essence through fluctuation of virtual objects. « Forms of a reality contain not in the physical world, and in structure of consciousness … the consciousness possesses unique property - to realize itself … display of consciousness … on the one hand mental, with another physical » [24].

The uniform Field of Consciousness possesses coherent in structurality. All structures of consciousness have a hierarchy. They also are connected among themselves by psycho-correlative communications. Excitation causes its swinging, rotation as a result of which arises a torsion rotating field of consciousness. As a result of rotation there is a division of structures of consciousness, their differentiation. The uniform Consciousness is dismembered on separate rotating parts. It is similar to as though the mirror was broke into set of splinters which are capable to reflect object the same as not broken, whole mirror. There is a chaos - a torsion field (without any structure) of consciousness or the plural individual consciousness, capable to reflect the ordered wave structures stored memory of the Superbrain in the form of complete structures - wave modules/locks of Time or holons / « matrixes of memory »/mems in the western understanding.

Thus, at excitation of a static matrix there is a primary vacuum/-the Uniform Field of Consciousness with the zero matrix comprising curtailed First Image in the form of singular points. Excitation of primary vacuum leads to rotation and differentiations of Uniform Consciousness, to occurrence of the primary torsion fields of consciousness which in set reflect a point - curtailed  First Image, creating an illusion of variety, the unrecognizability of the uniform image which has arisen due to a spherical bend of space, appeared as a result of rotation. Torsion dynamical fields of consciousness reflect changed First Image – a variety which is expressed in set of objects of a secondary matter of the phenomenal world.

Twisting and rotating wave packages creates a rhythm of movement of a matter and consciousness. When there is a compression of sizes of wave packages, there is an emptiness when they extend, emptiness is filled with a matter. But it occurs stage by stage, under orders of an enclosure of processes each other. That new process or a new measure has opened, clearing a matrix of old sizes of a matter, their curtailing is required, the new measure of a matter arises in emptiness which disappears as soon as it comes. During rhythmical movement object-subject of attitudes of two principles - monadic units and zero, or time and space the reality reveals completely. It means Completeness: full sensibleness of a life or evolution of a matter and consciousness which cannot be divided as they have the uniform nature of Spirit of the Creator and together are « two primary aspects of the Uniform Incognizable Deity » [6].

Objectively only the person is capable to show the Reality/real or Psycho-semantics two invisible potential worlds during the self-comprehension. Its perceiving structure of individual consciousness as original "mirror", can or absorb completely field light-images, or partially reflects them through bodies of perception. Than more consciousness absorbs an image, especially full it is shown. The person perceives field wave structure, a negative for a press of images of the Reality in the showing environment. The human body is the matrix environment by means of which the world is developed and the reality is printed, showing the features. It is a matrix which prints the Word/reality, doing its visible.

Let's recollect, that the maintenance of a fancy is the information. The information in the coded (curtailed) condition, like the pictogram in the computer program, is in structures of DNA. This assumption is constructed at recent opening in the field of studying DNA. It has appeared, that 95-96 percent of the maintenance of chromosomes make texts which possess ability to be readable with any letter therefore new and new dynamical texts turn out all. The code sign system which possesses topographical memory of images is stored in DNA and through decoding of signs develops them in the form of holograms [36].

Realization of images occurs due to action of photon and acoustic wave fields. We know, that there is a way of record and restoration of wave fields by means of holography (holography - from Greek. holos - everything full and grapho - I write, 25) which registers a full picture - the hologram [9]. Function of registration and record of the hologram the brain which, considering frequencies of perceived waves, recreates the hologram, transforming light-acoustic carries out a wave – a note-photon in an object of a reality. That is, the human brain is the converter of waves of consciousness - note-photons in frequencies of a matter. The module which on the action is similar to a consciousness Module - to the Superbrain. Owing to its transformations arise secondary torsion fields of individual consciousness radiating fancies of the individual which will then be transformed to frequency of a matter corresponding them. Due to visual fields of consciousness the information of Reason or the realized part of a reality of which there is an original intelligence, does not demand carry. Listing of the information occurs instantly. It is carried out due to decoding symbols, possible at coherent imposing related waves of the consciousness radiated by the Superbrain and waves of consciousness, radiated by a human brain, concurrence of their phases or synchronism of fluctuations.

The relationship of waves of consciousness is possible because DNA of the person contains a structural and functional image of all possible micromolecules of fiber, and the organic bodies containing in an organism in the latent coded form. This genetic code represents the isolated eternal system of elements, which basically does not have any evolution [24]. The system contains in the curtailed, densely packed kind the constant information in the form of alphabetic codes where the word is presented as the first image which is shown as a gene or a universal measure/program. The figurative wave structure represents natural fractal the model/hologram similar fractal to structure of speech [24], sounding similarly to a harmonious piece of music. It also is the wave module or operating structure of a human body, that « unsinkable island of love » at ocean of everyday storms.

Besides, scientists have found out a so-called «selfish gene ». [16]. On one of hypotheses of scientists assume, that this gene bears the potential opportunities expecting the disclosing. Authors of other hypothesis consider, that “ эгоистичный a gene ” [16].

Besides it in DNA there is a system of elements which can include various wave figurative structures, the texts of words "written" by the owner of DNA which can create various updatings and constant fractal models, with own sounding. It is a biological substance of DNA in which the free connection of elements reflecting a private measure of the maintenance генома DNA is observed, the individual program, a genotype shown in a phenotype.

The biological organism possessing a life, is capable to unpack and read own texts. As soon as the person loses ability to revelation of texts, it becomes conditionally "dead" as in it communication with information system dies - we Weed Consciousness which promotes its development. Such person perceives the world only from a position ego-centrism. It grows stiff consciousness for texts of its own consciousness become not readable, it loses dynamics of the development. The person becomes the owner of the book dead - dead concepts in which there is no spirit of a reality. "Revival" for by a science it is proved is required to it, that [24].

In a foreshortening of these sights the person is a co-creator of the world, as developer of a reality of multivariate Space and its evolutionary development. Interaction in it of two potential worlds - absolute and relative Consciousness in a plural Floor creates conditions for activation of potential images in private measures, models of their development, revelations and births of new times and spaces.

Therefore we restore the natural status of the person, recognizing in it that it is « a measure of all things »: a link of all private measures - time connecting them in uniform space - a matrix, Mother of the Worlds who gives rise to incalculable set of the worlds of Space. For a gene of the person reacts to its both spheres: material and wave, consciousness and a matter, giving material answers in the form of RNA and fibers, and the brain will transform through it waves of consciousness to frequencies of a matter. And time “ is measured by prints which remain in space or prints which we open in forms of a matter ” [24], copies of the Uniform Image.

During evolution of a matter the person curtails the differentiated fields of consciousness, removes a cover of illusion, transforming it in a zero, and develops Unity, Completeness - shows a matter planned by the Creator while the Creator during a convergence of Spirit in a matter hides the Face, transforming it in Emptiness of Consciousness.


5. A natural way of life


An integrity in perceiving of the reality has led us to understanding that our consciousness reflects the nature of the Spirit and itself is its nature, the Reality. The uniform Field of Consciousness radiates note-photons are light-acoustic waves of consciousness (their type is defined by their radiating structure or a model of consciousness storing in corresponding mode). The note-photons are a referent frequency of consciousness as a sample of the future matter. An arising human body reflects processes of a no-menal world. Two contrast pairs: female sexual cell  and male sexual sell, they meet in emptiness of an uterus and merge in a uniform cell in the form of an oval or spheres which then starts to share in the certain proportions, forming the human body representing complete unity.

The unity is characterized by set of parts which are interconnected and do not contradict each other. Process of movement, the beginning of dynamics gives division, addition of parts leads to occurrence of structure which communicates “ matrix ornament” [35] expressed by combination of numerical fields of a matrix. The measure is always expressed by number behind which a quality of an object disappears, a matter weaved from elements of consciousness. Process of coming in proportions of an organism is carried out on a canon - to a rule of linkage or the program of connection, synthesis of reference frequencies of consciousness. According to the set synthesis of frequencies of consciousness all future system of an organism is adjusted.

Jan Gredztelsky gives a logic explanation of processes of division which defines an energy-geometrical code of the nature on the basis of ovals of Cassini and ovaloids. Ovals and ovaloids are an ideal form of modelling of laws of the nature. Besides any oval, sphere is a matrix with infinite potential which generates waves, « a square which has no corners » (Lao-Tzi). The reason dynamic «Cassini» divisions is a change of conditions of balance. The static structure of model of consciousness loses a static, the balance as a result of power influence of the converter of waves - the module. Reference frequency of consciousness or the sample of the future matter, being braided, gets rotation as a result of which has in the section the form of oval Cassini. Thus the sample of the future matter aspires to restore a stable condition. But this process demands not only changes of energy, but also and change of the form. The aspiration to dynamic balance pours out through the main proportion of gold section, forming division ovaloid on lemniscatoids of Бернулли, expressing a thermodynamic balance. The image containing in frequency of a wave of consciousness concerns spheres, but its similarity is not beyond a square of the module of a numerical matrix of the given model. As a result of division similarity is shown as the physical form, and the image remains in invisible sphere of consciousness.

Display of a physical matter communicates multifrequency change of forms of consciousness. The human body comprises multifrequency levels of consciousness which have been received as a result of restoration of dynamic balance of all complex multivariate system of consciousness. Division of consciousness into spheres is caused by necessity of display of a potential image of a reality. Decrease in hierarchy of consciousness casts a shadow on its origin, defined at present as a by-product of a matter. However, the device of a universe at all has no under itself the base if in it there is no consciousness as a basis of a birth of a physical reality. If was differently, our world would look as not shown negative where black spots would be the basic invoices of the reality.

However, the reality is light in which are absent any dark displays. The thinking is a per se in where things appear in itself, irrespective of the nature, gives rise to ideas on absence of consciousness as those. Its recognition allocates to consciousness a role of a mirror in which the person is looked. However the person sees in world around not only, but also other objects. So, what is that mirror which reflects in itself all what "is not looked" in it?

The information of the Image, as the static waves of consciousness which are being a condition of rest or « dead water », is stored in a matrix closed on the Code Lock - a code of the Trinity of the Spirit (a matter, the information, a measure). A key to them (opening time and space) is the model of consciousness/module of Time for it precisely reflects a code of the Lock. By means of turn of a key static перво-native life becomes dynamical, «dead water» consciousnesses will be transformed in "alive". The dynamical, alive model of consciousness displaying a code of the Trinity of the Spirit (a matter, the information, a measure), is revelation of Spirit in time and space.

Dynamical consciousness or the spring water originating from a source (a matrix or a uterus - Greek), is the carrier in time eternal constant first images. Through a movement of consciousness there is a matter of the phenomenal world. The model of consciousness provides synergetrics - interrelation of the Creator and Its creation. Symbolically water of life the prana (energy tsi, mental energy), strength of mind, energy of soul/consciousness without which the life is impossible is considered.

Separately the lock and a key have no practical application. Only together they have obvious value: the lock and a key will transform static eternal images to dynamical images of time. The universal consciousness is present at-sort a world fabric - a primary matter from which suits and dresses of various models are sewed, giving on a podium of space of a life a fashion on this or that model of time. Time and space is the external form of a life invested by a matter of spirit. Contents of this form are a patrimonial liquid - waters of consciousness which depart, give vent from a matrix in space before the matter will be born. The matrix contains inner water - the consciousness reflecting symbols of the first images which together with water go to "press" - on their display.

He/she is the Forerunner which informs on a birth, gives the matter to an image. Contents of water are patrimonial memory of Spirit which is stored in consciousness of each born object. This memory can have different kinds and forms, in particular, the most active part of memory in the form of holograms is in subconsciousness. And its most passive part is stored in superficial consciousness and shown as a version of time memory.

So, the nature of Spirit/shower or Consciousness possesses holographic memory of the first images, fluidity, movement is peculiar to it. Fixing of the nature as its objects represents natural patterns or samples/patterns of movement of spirit, developments of consciousness in an existential continuum. These are the natural, natural patterns of development belonging to objects potentially by the right of their birth. As examples of natural patterns it is possible to result three-grams systems And-jing, system of fleeces, taro cards, calendar of ancient Maya Tzolkin as symbols of program codes of DNA.

In process of becoming object as the subject during the self-comprehension expressed by occurrence of lowest "I" at the person, there are social patterns/stereotypes which develop historically during evolution. The social patterns generated by centuries-old cultural communities possess collective memory of development of substance of a matter, samples of behavior of mythical and modern heroes, sensibleness of the world previous generations. Sensibleness of a matter, it brought to the Spirit. And that is the basic gift of ancestors which they leave to the descendants. Sensibleness is stored in collective consciousness of human community in the form of a social-cultural matrix. Therefore each new generation of mankind begins the first steps on the ground not with zero. It possesses all got experience, stored in bank of collective memory, and uses it in process of the development.

Natural matrix, we shall name its matrix of culture which sense of the name we shall open hardly later, contains natural patterns and gives a birth only an alive matter. Social-cultural matrixes are capable to create an artificial matter - subjects of a life of a civilization. In an ideal the social matrix should correspond natural. However not always developments of collective and individual consciousness answer patterns of movement of spirit in a matter, therefore a matter made by a social matrix, can be no spiritual, that is why mortal. Any civilization possesses two matrixes: a natural matrix as an alive heritage of memory of spirit (genetic memory of love) and the social-cultural matrix bearing collective memory of consciousness of mankind. The matrix of culture contains constant eternal principles of spiritual development of the world community. The social-cultural matrix bears in itself variability, stereotypes of time.

By means of torsion rotation in the Field of Consciousness, a code key of consciousness makes turn on 90 degrees, opening that new time, with reference frequency of consciousness corresponding it and natural patterns/organizations of a matter. From a matrix the program code of DNA consisting of 64 units or codes is projected. In esoteric traditions this moment is designated a turning of Bowls of Graal for outpouring from it in the world of vital force. At concurrence of movement of a matter social-cultoral matrixes with movement of spirit of a reference matrix, there is a synchronism or phase synchronization of coherent waves of consciousness сродного the character, going of separate sources. Interaction of DNA occurs to the law of Time by means of it « synchronizing frequency 13/20 - biospheric norm of time » [3]. It forms the evolutionary order on the Earth. Synchronism provides co-conducting multivariate world processes, and directs their harmonious realization on a divine plan.

At discrepancy of frequencies of the consciousness radiated by a social-cultural matrix, with reference frequency, there is an off-schedule organization of a matter that gives unpredictable development of set of the systems entering into world supersystem. Frequencies of the process is 12/60 - artificial norm of time, creates artificial objects, That leads to artificial mutual relations, struggle between material carriers of frequencies of consciousness.

The matrix having a significant frequency deviation from a natural matrix of culture, over that measure which is admitted by the Creator is comparable with an image of the stepmother. Social installations of "stepmother" are in the conflict to first-born installation divine сынов and daughters. The social aversion of the people, living a natural life, occurs at a collective unconscious level. The corporate consciousness, got used to see in the mirror the disfigured face of a reality, does not accept a "another's" image for it. In fear of loss of collective "person", in a consciousnesses (without memory) it imposes to the world the doctrine of the survival in the form of social standards. Social standards of corporate consciousness, defining norms of stereotypic behavior, level individual qualities of the person. These are artificial norms owing to which there is a dissonance with itself, loss of identity. Not without reason as an American psychologist and the thinker At. James wrote « the so-called normal person … it only a part of the one whom it could become »

The output from a measure is fraught with loss of a fundamental genetic part of human system on the basis of which there is a steady stay of an organism in an environment. Without this part the person is not capable to maintain pressure of environment, to adapt to energy-informational frequency exchange. In a similar case there comes the genic degeneration fixed recently in the developed economic countries. Russia takes the third place in the world on a degree of safety of a genofund. [Arguments and the Facts, Feb. 2006] . Probably, the Russian society should think seriously of that, how much introduced in minds of people standards of an artificial way of life can affect on destiny of the future generations. While we have a chance to warn an opportunity of occurrence genetic, обусловленно reflexing puppets which do not have fundamental unconditioned reflexes of a life which are reflexes of human behaviour. In the coded kind they are stored in DNA in the form of elementary units - кинов. In opinion of the founder cynetics (the nonverbal communications) Birdwist, the developed behavior of the person develops of these units just as sound speech from consecutive words, offers and messages will be organized.

L.Fejerbah defined consciousness as a subjective image of the objective world. [29]. If to start with this definition the collective consciousness is the general subjective image of a reality differing objectivity by a certain degree of its deviation. Whether there can be these distortions at the genic device of the person? Apparently, this question concerns more likely to генетикам, than to us, however, we shall try to find out it within the limits of the mentioned theme.

As a matter of fact, DNA of the person stores in the curtailed kind (sign codes-alphabets an alpha-metrics) the Book of the Life - the program of its birth and the development, similar to the Book of the Life of Mankind which is in a universal measure - the program of a birth and development of mankind. In that case structure of DNA - sublimated, the information of the world process compressed up to a limit, the Uniform Field of Consciousness curtailed into a roll which in process of perception of waves of consciousness a brain and decodings, "is read" by reason as the text of a command on creation of a matter of the certain frequency. It is more read through pages of the Book of the Life, the more openly and it is realized real objects.

Reading of the similar book is given to the person initially, and on the established image the print read through is removed. If reading is complicated by virtue of that the readable text is inaccessible to consciousness the consciousness of the person is absent. In this case all speech abilities of the person are directed on development of speech and reception of its sounds. Absence of reception of waves of consciousness promptly changes structure of dynamic model of consciousness. It becomes not readable, untranslatable in human speech. A saying becomes closed, and speech turns only to means of dialogue. But when the person realizes a reality, to it gift of speech comes back: it recollects the origin and speaks about it in the revelations - opening of the own text, the text of the life which and is its Book of the Life where all pages are specified according to development of its individuality.

Sooner or later the person during the life comes to the source - speeches because it was uttered by the Lord the Word and has released in the world the world – co-create worlds together with Him in consciousness of eternity - the Uniform Floor of Consciousness which mighty and eternal Breath of the Creator is. When the Creator exhales this Field of Consciousness from Himself, each life receives force of the birth, force of an ascention to a direct source of all vital forces. When the Creator inhales in Himself, the Field of Consciousness is turned off in the person in the field invisible form. Night and day, rising and call - is those structure of communication between them. When there is no a breath, there is an exhalation and on the contrary. It is a field it is turned off and developed as lungs of the God which that are filled with spirit are released from it. When the spirit leaves together with an exhalation, it sends to wander in uncountable alive essences when the breath fills lungs, the spirit comes back to the lawful place.

There, where the certificate of breath is interrupted, the life interrupts, the spirit is released violently from the owner and again leaves to wander in search of the new owner. If the one who corresponds to it is ready to this reception. But such conformity cannot be found, for the spirit is individual also it becomes the wanderer who searches for the soul - a favourite receptacle which has disappeared together with a source of inspiration.

There, where the inspiration is interrupted, the love of two - spirit and soul which will be obliged to find each other in outer darkness of ignorance as in consciousness there is no light of radiation of spirit, its part to which should be in it there is interrupted. The soul which has remained without light, wanders in darkness and searches for the beloved that will incorporate to it. Between them there is no communication of times and there is no space where they could meet. And only correct breath is capable to return spirit on a place, and to put light in soul of not divided essence - consciousnesses in which all structures are connected together by a tantra of love, communication of all times and spaces which are uniform on the sounding speech, a uniform sound of that Word which the person was born. Therefore everything, that is connected, should correspond to the soul and the spirit. Then there is no mismatch in world sounding.

The outlook which has lost communications and dynamical synchronism of the structures, is objectively doomed to correction: correction of mistakes in ornament of the matrix - zeroing numerical combinations of a collective field of consciousness or, in another way, imperfect synthesis of its elements. The perfect outlook possesses synergetrics and the perfect synthesis of elements of consciousness which reflects a complete image of the world. The aspiration to perfection and harmonies is incorporated in human system a priori, at a genic level.

During development of potential of development there is a process of replacement of primitive schemes of interaction on better patterns. It is natural process of clearing of relationships of cause and effect, clearing of lassos-communications which is well stated in Sacred book Тота. Clearing of relationships of cause and effect is an enlightenment of consciousness, restoration of its natural synthesis connected by psycho-correlative communications - free current of mental energy of consciousness which follows on a channel of natural movement of spirit in which memory the point of arrival to the source is fixed.

« From a point of Light, that in Mind of the God » [ A. Bejli ] expires the water of life of consciousness possessing the information of creation of a matter. When the matter is updated, current of a channel changes the direction, releasing a place of a new matter, with more perfect ornament - figure of the mental energy, a new channel of movement of spirit in it. Clearing of an old matter with its poor-quality elements solves the problem movements and growth of consciousness. Otherwise the impracticability of this action would consist in its stop. Fixing of consciousness is possible only in the cause and effect communication centers resulting surpluses of mental energy to which have no place to pour out, except for as in tanks of storage of the energy, created by a thrifty ego counting upon eternal stay in the same quality.

But such it is impossible by virtue of perfection, which in itself starts with a uniquitous universal measure. Anyhow the ego loses the stability when starts to keep surpluses of resources. The human system comes to the movement which has been not planned from above. This movement keep the rate for a while, in which ego stays. However time sooner or later finishes the existence and leaves, after it the ego rather surprised by that it is necessary to leave a life sends. Further all repeats - the ego again appears in itself - eternal consciousness which again allocates it as the part, and the ego again begins game with itself, connecting the representations about a life with image of eternity. And as though the separate part of perception of a reality did not try to become complete, it happens impossible by virtue of incomparably greater synthesis more perfect which is stored in memory of consciousness.

The more elements it is realized, the memory of Spirit more reveals, and consequently the ego remains nothing how to recognize the existence together with all parts together where there is no isolation. Then it becomes uniform with all other egos isolated by persons to which already do not have necessity to hide the person. Simply and naturally the mistake of egocentric outlook releases a place to natural current of a life in which there is no information of lie. The river of consciousness cleared of a disgrace, again fills with itself a vessel which we mean the form of a human body. Sooner or later it makes. As sunrise is inevitable in the early morning so our perfection is inevitable also.


6. The matrix of culture


Restoring a representation of a natural way of life, it is necessary to remember that integration does not assume a return to archaic social-cultural forms of the organization of the world community. The last forms of socialization were the next stages of evolutionary development of mankind, each of which reflected the degree of perfection and errors. The aspiration of the person by the best life is caused by its evolution. Now only few people would like to live a communal order without achievements of our civilization. Do its welfare norms correspond to harmonious development of a person? When these norms create disharmony, there are the communities, aspiring to live under natural laws of a life. Fellahs or the communal communities leading a natural way of life, appear on a decline of a civilization, before its destruction (L. Gumilev wrote about it [29].) It is a disturbing sign which warns mankind of an approaching danger.

By means of the egocentric outlook which have divided life on social and natural, artificial, man-made rules of a life, to some extent accuracy reflecting natural laws of development were generated. The culture on the applicability is complete, that does not assume pure monism or an inconsistent duality. The cultural environment is continuous from an environment. First, the culture, also as well as reproduces female aspect of the nature and keeps social life, at the same time it has the active aspect of natural transformation intended for updating, transformation of norms and standards. In complex interaction of these forces the culture, overcoming social inertia, constantly being in movement, updates society on the basis of the saved up human experience, keeping thus the person, adapting it to new conditions and helping it in self-realization of the person. Harmonious development of a society consists in a proper correlation of forms of reproduction and preservation, updating of social life. Actually, the culture is reflection of a universal measure, a tracing-paper of its natural processes and consequently is a basis of evolutionary development of world human community.

Movement, updating of social-cultural forms is an expansion or entropies, copying of the information and energy which forms a huge network generality of social processes. Evidently it is expressed by increase an energy-informational exchange. Preservation and reproduction is compression of processes which shows aspiration of people to preservation of originality, individualities. Separately from each other these processes do not exist, always there is their interaction, aspiration to the balanced harmonious attitudes. The increase in information interchange changes representation about the world, enriches individuals and culture. But this increase can occur up to the certain limits of a measure, the output for which destroys both culture, and originality of people living in it. Then occurs, as Soviet psychologist A.N.Leontev, wrote about  «an impoverishment of soul at enrichment by the information » [4]. Each nation and nationality have a private measure of development which it is not necessary to oppose or impose someone. Any measure has the degree of perfection certain by the Creator, therefore in its limits there is no place of discrimination or, otherwise, prejudiced human distinction, an ideological source of fascism and racism.

Besides private measures contain in strict hierarchy in the general planetary measure where there are general processes of expansion and compression with the subsequent restoration of balance and transition to a new measure of development. Transition is connected with opening a new memory size of a collective Noosphere Reason and transformation of this volume in a human consciousness. Transition to a new measure is always accompanied by instability of the world processes demanding from mankind greater understanding, adopting, mental immunity to new kinds of the information. Reception of the new information can des-adopt unprepared human consciousness, frighten novelty and unpredictability as at this stage there are no social-cultural patterns - ways of reactions or conditioned reflexes on the offered memory size. Conditionally speaking, updating, increase in a memory size is required to a biological computer of the person, differently it cannot work under the new program - a new measure of a life therefore will lag behind time and the new form of space of social-cultural attitudes.

The today's support of scientists, politicians and economists on the out-of-date egocentric outlook suffers crash. Socioeconomic structures of corporate model (capitalism, socialism), doing the rate on inspirituality of a matter, have doomed the person to incompleteness of a life. Does not bring happiness of community-socialist build, in which the person becomes a small pin in a state corporate machine, in a capitalist building, where corporate individualism selects for a person an opportunity to be oneself. Its inevitable globalization of world processes if that will be carried out to the same corporate measures especially will not bring. Instead of the promised world order the mankind can collide with unpredictable, uncontrollable developments, chaos at all visibility of uniform management. That will lead to inevitable management from latent static structure Pervoobraza which will restore on feedback the true world order, natural hierarchy of processes, nulling mistakes of corporate management.

Jidda Krishnamurti, a great thinker of the last century spoke that « … steadiness is not in hands of a psychoanalyst. To enter into norm does not mean to be counterbalanced, balanced. The norm can be a product of the rebalanced culture … a Society based on стяжании, with its models and norms, there is no in balance … steadiness is generosity [11]. Therefore, while there is a corporate model of development of the world community, to hope it is possible only on a survival in it, thinking out absurd programs of steady development and rescue from cataclysms and disasters of a world scale.

Powerlessness of this model is concealed in the extreme form of self-affirmation expressed in domination and the control over people. Human hierarchies are artificial social non-culture structures as do not reflect the multilevel order inherent in the nature. In an antiquity people knew, that health of the nation and prosperity of the state directly depends on health of their governor. The corrupted, selling government deviating culture of spirit was considered, that, promotes universal distribution of corruption and debauch on places which are transferred even to the ground adequating it by droughts, flooding, accidents, epidemics. In this belief there is no irrationality.

The nature is the material environment which perceives and shows the acting information in those or other events. The person as environmental the material data carrier - ideas, sensations and feelings, or mental processes, is connected with an environment psycho-correlative communications owing to what its processes generate processes which carriers will be other conditions of a matter (other material carriers). And if the person is infected by mental viruses, differently lie or distortion of the information in « a matrix of memory » to wait good it is not necessary. In this respect we in the answer the friend before the friend: our ideas, acts are how much pure, the world surrounding us will be so pure and healthy. We bear the responsibility not only for the health, but also for health of other people. For morals a category not only abstract, and and especially material. This general health of people therefore in the name of preservation of and the future generations now it is necessary to do all to restore in the person the lost culture of spirit - morals or personal morals, in process of identical ипостасной divine morals.

Observe a life from this point of view, and you are convinced of correctness of the ancestors which is confirmed with the great teacher About. M. Aivankhov: « the True economy consists in not ruining given to us the sky of force, abilities, energy. The economy begins first of all above, in reason: in ideas, speeches, sights, in an image of actions, in a way of life … Now the most important for us - to learn and acquire the trues, capable us to change, improve our internal life, and then to improve and a life external … people steadily destroy itself in the spiritual, moral, intellectual plan, and even it is material, because true economists have not understood really an essence of economy … are only wise men » [2].

In Vishna Purana (one of the most ancient sacred Indian texts) there is a prophecy of our modern model of a life which says that « the happiness will be limited only to material welfare, unique communication between the man and the woman will be passion, … marriage will cease to be a ceremony. … the unique way to success will lay through lie. The Earth will love only because of its material treasures. Those who have and spend a plenty of money, will be owners of other people. For the person there will be only one purpose in a life - the riches in any ways … People will reach to be afraid death and poverty ». This time of governors which « will be strong and will be grasped with riches of those whom correct. The caste of servants will dominate, and derelicts will correct. Their life will be short, their appetites are monstrous, the word "piety" [25] will be unfamiliar to them. For the information: In ancient India people who did not observe spirit of cultural ethics therefore the society expelled them [6] were considered as derelicts.

The main priority of a today's way of life which has strongly entered into culture - a priority of personal benefit, a rational choice. From here prevailing cultural installations of the Russian society which are directed on achievement of success at any cost. According to researches of Merton, -   [15] is inherent. Now “glamour” members of the corrupted society, having put on persons pious masks of employers, correct ball of a life. Also do not realize, that sooner or later the objective information of new time compressed in a spring will start to extend and supersede, turn off in a point-zero glamour masquerade, transforming it in tragical performance. Kluchevsky was right - the history teachs nothing, it only supervises and painfully beats careless for disobedience. For that do not hear a voice of own soul, a voice from the Creator who has allowed all equal opportunities to live and be the person.

If to pay attention to management of a life of a modern society it is possible to notice use in the mercenary purposes of other outlook in which to consciousness last place is allocated not. Modern psycho-technologies allow to manipulate people, to reduce them to a level of a survival, developing a primary brain and activating instincts of domination, self-preservation and continuation of a sort. Thus in modern culture experiment on artificial reprogramming human mentality on primitive which most easier to operate is managed.

So, English physiologist D.Kerch approves, that management of a society can be programmed on special platforms for games in groups of preschool age. « … having created for the person the certain psychological environment during the early period of a life, we can so to affect development of its brain, that it will grow with the backward or developed mind, and it will be connected with such changes which will be irreversible » [19].

The admission of similar programs of development in sphere of formation and education on a degree of drawing of damage to culture of the nation can be equal unless to capture of its territory. One of such examples of introduction in the Russian culture can result a children's telecast of 90th years of the last century «Tele-bellies». What can they give to children? However, there offered an image of thoughtlessly and idly jumping essences without any sort of activity, identification with which forms an inhuman way of a life in children's consciousness. Expected forecasts from such education are easy for predicting.

In general, questions of management of human mentality are rather essential, and for a greater part of the population is information are inaccessible. We shall try to restore this blank direct knowledge which composition the human idea did not touch. This information opens process of occurrence of patterns of behavior of a present social-cultural matrix with which it is necessary to deal to the modern person. They rather differ from patterns of a matrix of culture as integrity of social and natural life is at present lost. Besides the information opens sense of necessity of transition to natural model of development of the person/community - a matrix of culture. It is transferred without knocking over and edition. So:


«What operates our life?»


Regulation of mechanical system is made due to equilibrium forces. Equilibrium forces level contrasts, using properties of a pendulum. These properties are based on fluctuations of system, and assume its flexibility, ease to influence of oscillatory forces. Ease of movement is reached due to connection of parts of the mechanism, degrees of its freedom. The fixed rigid connections strengthen the mechanism, but do not give an opportunity of its regulation at mechanical influence. Rigid fixing renders counteraction/resistance to influence. And if influence exceeds a limit of rigidity of connection, the mechanism starts to collapse.

In an alive system the same principle of regulation operates, but it is applied on the flexible material carrier of this system - a biological organism. The biological organism is adjusted by counterbalancing forces due to flexible adaptable structure - nervous system. The nervous system is adapted for acceptance of influencing impulses a mechanism of regulation. It reacts to any external influence in appropriate way, and weakens a pressure due to deep polarization of internal forces of a pendulum, leveling biochemical potentials of environment and system.

The potential of impulses keeps the long existence under condition of direct and return influence. Direct influence carries out regulation of a metabolism. Influencing a subcortex, impulses create the certain network of reaction. This network consists of complex, neural circuits cooperating with each other which are dynamically disconnected and closed, forming potential which is submitted to a subcortex. The subcortex accepts impulses and transfers them in a circuit нейронов which, owing to pulse influence, reconstruct connection, change circuits of the interaction. Neural circuits are capable to transfer an impulse in any site of a brain, directing development of an organism.

It some kind of coherent which deliver the information in that site of a brain which is capable to restore the information in the form of a print of an image. A print of an image as the photo, is created due to the adjusting mechanism of distribution of mental energy. The mechanism of regulation of distribution of mental energy consists of a transfer part which the brain is. A brain - a transfer part in the big circuit of interaction of multivariate system of a human body/or set of the human bodies forming a collective Noosphere Reason.

The tragedy of the modern society consists that regulation of a life has turned to regulation of attitudes between people. Physical carriers of reason have ceased to adjust the life, and have cancelled the mechanism of natural regulation, having replaced with its stereotypes of behavior in a society. The tragedy of a modern life disappears in collective madness which develops of regulation of circuits of attitudes between people, communities. The mechanism of a straight line and a feedback of regulation of a life has left from frames the latent influence, and has found the application in the legalized public attitudes. Regulation of attitudes has included the mechanism of regulation of an organism which is the alive carrier of impulses of influence of an environment.

Influences of an environment have generated a narrow orientation of consumption of the blessings without inclusion in these blessings of need of development of the carrier. Absence of the blessing and an internal dissatisfaction of development have caused the phenomena of the superiority, aspirations to self-affirmation, resulting that to failure of management by developments of a life. Similar regulation has released the person from the blessings, it has lost them, and began to extract the superiority and self-affirmation that was given by itself.

Influence of an environment began to be perceived aggressively, there was a factor of protection. The factor of protection provided aggression in relation to an environment. There was an aggressive social environment with protective complex mechanisms of alienation by nature. The nature began to be considered from the point of view of extraction of the blessings. Counterbalancing forces send on a surface of consciousness, and have got the status of adaptation to an excited environment and aggressive, inherently, to a society.

There was a conflict between a society, the nature and the person. There were the circuits of a relationship of cause and effect determining an excited environment in development of society. The society denied influences of the environment, and awarded the person with aggressive qualities which contained in relationships of cause and effect, but by no means in the essence of a human nature. The nature/or environment was neutral in relation to itself, but development of a relationship of cause and effect has divided understanding of attitudes and developments, and has begun creation of a fictitious, artificial inhabitancy in which regulation occured on the divided perception of the validity. The mechanism of embedding of protective complexes in an alive system possessed absolutely other, artificial regulation of a metabolism. Neural circuits were reconstructed by a principle of an overload of impulses, loading this or that site of a brain in superfluous potential. The superfluous potential created situations of surplus, an overstrain, and led to action of clearing of it. Neural circuits weakened and were broken off among themselves, creating impassability of impulses. That was natural, became artificial. Break of neural communications created the impulse which could be transformed to those sites of a brain which adequately reacted to it. There was a set of labyrinths, ways of neural circuits, which пролагали to an impulse road to creation of reactions to external stimulus of influence. Reactions created in the scheme of a neural circuit a feedback, which impulses пролагали road of return, road of exclusive intensity to lives. This vicious circle made infinite set of reactions to external influences which formed illusion of the severe world in which all yields to force also authorities.

So, the unnatural, artificial environment of management was gradually generated by a human body which has cardinally changed representations about the blessing. The blessing became unattainable, remote. It needed to be extracted cunning, a deceit. But the extracted blessing was vulnerable: it could take away, there was nothing because to keep the blessing. There was no mechanism of deduction of the blessing in one hand. Regulation of deduction of the blessing has led to creation of lawmaking which became the mechanism of regulation of the blessing, its distributions. As the result of that distribution were conflicts, civil wars, world wars. As artificial regulation adjusted the artificial environment there were artificial formations in the form of cult magic ceremonies, religous rites, occult an expert. These formations gave a society hope for an output from an excited environment, but promised paradise was postponed for afterlife in not clear place and time. Every possible regulation by means of spiritual an expert released from уз the cause and effect mechanism, but created huge potential of interaction with an excited environment, due to original, it is artificial the created sight at the nature of things. The world in representation cult spiritual the expert represented something from which it is necessary to be released. We are to create proper regulating laws and rules.

An utopianism of these ideas, their artificiality reliably disappeared from a sight of a person as latent mechanisms of regulation created a veil of secret, incomprehensibility of an eternal life in that wonderful place where will return expelled there is no time from paradise. The deceit made owing to the simplest: the mechanism of regulation simplified the complex scheme of neural circuits, minimized the blessing, reduced its volume, forgave a life of the ascetic, deprived harmony and pleasure. The indulgence cost dearly: poverty was equated to riches, and enabled manipulation with consciousness. Spirituality was erected in a rank of the extremely inaccessible indulgence which demanded refusal of all blessing given by the environment to the person. Refusal of the blessing and acceptance of poverty for true spirituality have created a myth of self-sacrifice and sanctity. The reality disappeared behind a dense layer cult, ceremonial, mysteries, masked under every possible fears and definitions of monks. The life turned to a burden, lost coauthorship and prosperity. Myths of a reality have created strong base of complacency, ignorance and dullness. Dullness of mind in which neural communications transferred impulses of aggression and the fear, created due to use of the factor of the pendulum counterbalancing them.

The equilibration of impulses has led to stability brain нейронов, durabilities of communications, neural units which adjusted movement, a stream of a life. That has been obliged to be dynamical, free, became static, mechanistic, easily predicted. Deviations from movement of an information stream were considered as something supernatural, in the worst cases madness. Madness has acted on a surface of consciousness as inadequate reaction to aggressive external influences of the artificial environment. It was the protest of natural current of the information against artificial barrier on a way of its movement. A natural reaction adequate to artificial aggressive influence. Thus, events of aggressive influence of the artificial environment formed schizophrenia - artificial division of an objective reality into the spheres of a life reacting adequately on impulses of environment. Adequacy to an artificial way of life has generated a society of artificial schizophrenics which role was reduced to preservation of stability of attitudes between floors, communities. But as adequately to react to unnatural influence of the unnatural environment it is practically impossible, regulation of a life has passed in the category of supernatural displays.

These phenomena till now are considered трудновыполнимыми, remote. Opportunities of regulation of an own life turned to opportunities of a manipulation an another's life. Peoples’ life became an object of research and a carriage of data of this research for all other life. Similarity, a pattern - here that has resulted from research of life. Comparison, the analysis, generalization became the main attributes of human life. Own opinion which missed the presented pattern, was left aside, was cancelled as a deviation from the presented norm. A point of readout became a position of expression of public opinion at the slightest pretext lives. So the stereotypes of the behavior adjusting deviations from the standard norms were formed. There was a stereotypic society in which the fear and aggression restrained by means of lawful certificates of violence over a human nature. In a human nature there was no fear, aggression, violence, but gradual introduction in the active environment of elements of opposition, resistance has formed complex connections of these elements. They have been interspersed in natural properties and elements as mechanisms.

In essence protective impregnations disconnected the person from its natural environment, and created a sample field of interaction, strongly constraining free current of a life. Arisen регуляторные protective complexes formed environment in which elements of fear accumulated, violence, aggressions. This protective environment was aggressive, first of all, to its carrier - to the person. Its human nature mixed up with elements unusual for it. To the person have attributed animal, pulse qualities of a life, and have awarded with a sign - difference from animals - a brain. A brain have equated to the divine nature, have idolized its functions and have approved as the main thing of a regulative mechanism. Properties of natural elements have mixed with property of protective mechanisms and have defined all this mix, having named its lowest instincts.

When the lowest instincts were showed in a human body, their restraint was required. The rigid mechanism of management Was required by instincts. Protective complex formations have turned to the basic instinct of self-preservation. Keeping themselves, protective mechanisms operated not a human nature, and an own excited environment. Operating preservation of aggressive impulses, protective complex formations created myths of a reality - images of influence on an environment, that is on a human nature. Myths of a reality learned the person to react to these impulses adequately, keeping system of protection. Thus, the protective system has built a complex of protective mechanisms and has imposed stereotypic struggle against any normal, adequate, in relation to it, influence of a human nature. The human nature and artificial protective formation have entered mutual relations which do not stop till now. The weight of sample impulses operates the person through a neural network of a brain. The human nature suffers a loss which is put to it as a result of formation of complex sample ways of movement of mental energy. Deviations from these sample ways cause aversion, indignation from a sample society.

Attitudes of a sample society are adjusted взаимообразными by progress gathered нейронов - units. Neural units accumulate a huge stock of steady communications which are rigidly determined by mutual relations. This pattern structurally defines behavior at the certain stereotypic situations. In case of a deviation from a pattern there is a reduction of units, their disappearance. Units decrease at a rate of, with speed limit neural circuits are reconstructed, create a new channel of transfer of impulses.

Thus, old attitudes are untied and created new, there is a relative calm. During this moment the sample society reacts to new formation of the attitudes, a new image. Its reaction is adequate in the event that the created attitudes do not prevent to make to a pattern the mechanism of regulation. The significant deviation from a pattern specifies impossibility of regulative attitudes in a society. Attitudes become "tense", there is малоизученная a society a situation on which it does not have ready pattern of reaction. The similar situation destroys representations of a society, there are new attitudes. Regulation of attitudes creates a new pattern and new reactions of a society. As a rule, the hope that new reactions and attitudes will generate a new pattern, is insignificant, as fluctuations of attitudes of a pattern demand significant influence from an environment. When the maximal influence destroys a pattern, there is a change of sights, representation about a reality changes. New attitudes noticeably improve a condition of a society, advance its development.

The significant factor of destruction of patterns is creation of the planned influence which prepares gradually. It can be revolution, a condition of a hopelessness, crises of management - all that raises a society, adjusting it from. Public attitudes express the form of resistance to natural natural development of the person in which there are no patterns of behaviour, instincts of self-preservation, the superiority and self-affirmation. Designing of events which destroy patterns, is conducted through regulation of interpersonal attitudes. When interpersonal attitudes become strained, there is an information field in which operating impulses of influence are created. The environment independently, without taking into account human attitudes, destroys the out-of-date pattern and creates new, more suitable for its development. To resist to natural influence it is impossible, as it creates this society and system of mutual relations. Is required readiness to acquire a new measure of understanding of public attitudes which as a result of influence become suitable for development of an environment. If there is a resistance the environment adjusts attitudes, translates them in more comprehensible, unequivocal in which the influencing impulse will be hidden. The noosphere reacts to impulses and consequently gives out on a surface of consciousness that style of behavior which is required for preservation of biosphere.

Adjusting a biological life, the noosphere itself is restored as a result of response of biosphere. The biological life exhales impulses of a feedback which create neural circuits of the noosphere Reason, no less than individual. Such regulation approves the natural quality of prosperity, and does not suppose creation of the super-power device of resistance.

All protective complexes are exposed to direct influence from the noosphere Reason. This influence counterbalances exclusively developed systems of the sample fixed attitudes. Any fixing comprises elements of dual communication: direct and return. When regulation is late, there are super-power patterns/or the egregors including supersystem of mechanisms of switching-off of consciousness. This mechanism rejects protective complex formations, and directs the influence on neural circuits. Neural circuits are exposed to reorganization which excludes smooth disconnection and смыкание circuits. By a principle of rigid fixing neural formation which will direct impulses in one direction is created. Thus there is a complex mechanism of management of processes of a life. In this case development of a life submits to regulation not an environment, and an adjusting complex of the noosphere Reason where there is no natural quality of a person.

An egregor fixes impulses and transfers their messages in the center of the existence, eating superfluous potentials. The basic purpose of an egregor - existence of the pulse life which have resulted fixing of consciousness. Points of fixing radiate a superfluous impulse and create a more potential of mental energy which stops development of a life. The superfluous potential connects a life in multivariate operated system of attitudes in which each impulse radiates that frequency which is imposed by an egregor. The transfer device - a brain radiates only that demands an egregor, other impulses are lost in a noosphere of Reason, forming complex of non-personal attitudes between people. These attitudes differ monotony, routine, in them there is no creative impulse. There is a society in which, basically, mechanistic attitudes prevail: « you to me, I to you ».

These attitudes express extreme pessimism of a life. It accompanies any impulses which start with neural formations. Appreciable influence on an environment renders one frequency range which radiates a brain of collective Reason. The superpattern forms powerful pulse system of radiation of frequency of fear, violence, aggression. Radiation of similar impulses forms a veil of lie, hypocrisy to displays of an independent way of thinking, a free superpattern from influence. Influencing collective madness, an independent way of thinking creates the alternative pattern more suitable for development of an environment. The noosphere of the Reason unites impulses of an independent way of thinking in uniform formation which keeps stability of a society. The Potential difference protects sample global collective Reason from destruction.

A megareason corrects impulses of collective Reason. Development of an independent way of thinking extremely strains and without that the intense community of reasons. The sample collective perception of a reality tests a significant pressure. In it there are gleams of reality due to ordering neirons in a uniform network of reasons which keeps weight of the organizations of neural circuits, and adjusts current of a life. The new mechanism of regulation of an independent way of thinking makes reorganization of public opinion on representation of a reality. The independent way of thinking deduces unstable system of sights of a sample society from crisis, and creates a new coil of its development.

Position of the outsider of standard thinking surrounds that site of collective consciousness which perceives the world in concrete terms, a limited perception of a reality. It is expressed in the general incompetence, demoralization and dehumanization separate circles of a society. Steady local communications of public opinion remain in a tail of development of a life. They depend on own lie and hypocrisy and consequently sooner or later will be dumped histories as unsuitable stuff for the further life.

The narrow, utilitarian life of huge weight of people is exposed to waste of vital energy. The mechanism of a detachment of consciousness deduces madness of the created mechanical civilization in more limited area which absolutely thoughtlessly pumps out a biological resource of a life. The weight of thoughtless projects is created by the thoughtless adjusting mechanism of a superpattern to skim the cream off for own table. Thousand people give the vital potential, performing monotonous work. The share of participation of creative potential falls up to zero, being expressed in the mastered space a call for help. Shout of the souls ruined by a thoughtless superpattern, is not noticed for a society of utilitarian thinking. Too strong influence of the mechanism of pumping off a potential life deprives with audibility of a voice of soul. Silent disagreement with set of qualities unusual for a human nature radiates aura of pessimism and depression. Depressive ideas radiate a depressive wave of fear of a life, disorder and poverty. The crisis condition of a modern global society becomes uncontrollable even from a superpattern for the human nature does not suffer violence of the reason subject to standard thinking.

Time finishes the run when arrows of hours are closed together. Now arrows of impulses of a global society are doomed to a uniform arrow of Reason which will personally destroy the mechanism of stagnation of thinking, and will release collective mind from tyranny of standards. The divine Foresight counts last seconds a standard way of life to restore the divine image inherent in a human nature.

So, NB: we accept a picture of gradual formation of system of an artificial intellect in natural human system which tries to operate our today's life. According to Roger Sperri's hypothesis, [16, our italics].

Apparently, we are engaged not own development, and we cultivate led a cultural Tree of the Life an alien branch - the protective aggressive social environment or, otherwise, system of an artificial intellect, trying in it to adapt. Therefore in our life have appeared artificial social types of mentalities which specify on adaptation to social patterns, to the standards more suitable for this or that natural warehouse of character, the constitution and temperament. Therefore arisen “socionics”, investigating social-cultural phenomena, confuses people, attributing psychological socio-types of intrinsic human qualities.

Z. Freud considered culture as a mechanism of conscious suppression and sublimation of unconscious mental processes. There is a question: and what culture did he mean? A Culture of Spirit which reflects a measure, an evolutional development of human community, by definition opens its creative potentialities. Aggressive social environment and an environment far are not identical each other. Psychoanalysis opens attitudes of the person with an excited environment, the artificial norms, radiated to it which differs from the norms certain by genetically natural measure of the person - its immunity.

The theoretical mistake expressed in an equal-sign between protective mechanisms - artificial mental complexes and congenital psychophysical immunity, has leaded into error many experts compelled after the analysis to do "inoculation" - to learn the patient "correctly" to react to aggression, having attributed it to natural, intrinsic properties of the person. The purpose of a similar inoculation is to change of natural protective system, adaptation and adoption to artificial norm. Therefore the falling of immunity is observable very often, it can reflect deep reactions to falling of the human status, its internal resistance to an artificial intellect which as a matter of fact destroys natural protective immune system.

Scales of falling of natural immunity are extremely great. The mankind costs on the verge of the degeneration, transformation in the biological callous robot. This conclusion can seem frightening, and we know by experience, that, basically, people prefer a position of an ostrich in similar things. But the bitter truth is better than a sweet and digestible lie. Look: a natural person, not imparted seems to be unnatural, not adapted as an inhabitant « out of this world ». Accordingly it can seem to be not quite reasonable from the point of view of the standard-average thinking of an artificial intellect for which and the genius is something outstanding, not quite normal. Are there many such people now? One can count on fingers and toes and guess, in what world there will live our children and grandsons? What shall we prepare for them in the unwillingness to realize for a real situation?

Now there are issued the great variety of popular esoteric psychological literature where an artificial intellect methods of love are offered. The syrup of such love is so sweet, it makes illusions sweet. However there is no “amrita” of life in this false love. Instead of it world passions on which advise daily boil to not pay attention. Is it possible?

As it is known, iron rusts in an excited environment. The matter of human bodies is torn, comes thin its water of life (mental energy of consciousness) leaves. Like a sieve This form of consciousness is like a sieve; having lost its power human body by the end of its life it is a wild field weeds violently grow. The mankind loses any links to the Son of God.

Any knowledge without love is dead, static. The world of artificial standards of a life is boring and colorless, sad, inconsistent. The modern culture offers its life by rules, not under laws of love. And in a rule from century to century it is separated. They crucified the Truth on their rules, burned on fires. There is no number to these rules. Their name is Molokh for all times. How long shall watch by our empty eye-sockets at that disgrace. Even God doesn’t want to suffer this disgrace.

The modern corporate culture [9]. Let's ask by a question, whether there can be a monotony an ideal and whether there corresponds the similar order to a plan of The one who has created this world on the Image? As fairly Ren Genon marks, [26].

We do not reflect at all on semantic value when we argue on what or. R.Genon's this moment has named a phenomenon of verbalization or suggestion, when sounding of words is enough to create illusion of an idea, and to approve it as an existing reality. Its statement in this occasion confirms the fact of presence of ordinary speech which has ceased to be saying - the ideological sense, bearing in itself force of its display.

If to realize sense of a word "democracy", its "seed" to/this it is possible to see “ a tree and fruits ” from it: “де” - means negative, destructive, dividing the whole; “mo” (mono) - the first part of complex words in value one, common; “krat” - frequency rate - known number of numbers, divisibility, a stand; “kratos” - authority. Semantic value turns out: “ the authority dividing uniform ” which divides community into social layers and dominates, creating “ a standing bog ” lives. Here this ideological information and its power filling is born also with concept “ democracy. ” Actually in corporate model of development as Platon wrote about democracy, [15].

Z.Delez in his work “ Capitalism and a schizophrenia ” [29, with. 1019] writes the following: “.. Capitalism moves to the limit – to an actually schizophrenic limit <…> capitalism breaks off natural communications of the person with the nature and a society (manufacture of desire) <…> monetary streams represent absolutely schizophrenic realities. <…> language of the banker, the general, the industrialist, the official <…> is absolutely schizophrenic. Art, a science and schizophrenia are identical: are guided by process and manufacture, instead of on the purpose and expression ”.

Contradictions of the modern world are provided by rigid structures of human hierarchy, while a life self organize senses of an operating Word. Psyco-semantics as an algorithm of generation, is a basis of development of alive system. Ideal structure of the organization of human community is not the hierarchy, and a psychosemantic network or, in another way, the genetic Book of the Life, an emerge network, a web of a life in the newest western paradigm. However, to reveal this network, it is necessary to consider hierarchy of models of consciousness in which "smaller" always enters into "greater" and another is not ignored at all neither that, nor. On the contrary, from smaller synthesis the original hierarchy starts to be restored. Therefore the human community sooner or later should be trained in self-management and self-organizing - to revelation and reading of pages of the text of a life, without misses, displacement of the letters, the lost words and their senses.

The mechanism of regulation of alive system is natural. Through alienation (reflection) from the Universe (the whole) there is a transfer operating part – an immortal unchangeable part/individuality, the element of system possessing the dynamic oscillatory characteristic - inertia or frequency of consciousness which through bilateral resonant communication operates a human body. And there, where this communication is broken, the point of bifurcation, as an aspiration of an operating part to return to system an initial condition is created. Therefore what were laws of human arrangement, to change a divine immortal essence the person not in a condition.

Each of us has time and space, an individual process of a life which beginning and continuation of general integrity is. Attempts to rearrange places processes in aspiration “ to take a place under the sun ” create disharmony of evolutionary development, instability in a society, unequality of its members. In human history it was not possible to anybody and it will not be possible to break hierarchy of Creation. For life in itself eternally and invariable, changes consciousness only inherent in it. Therefore a bible “Babylon Bitch ” - a social-cultural matrix what is said: “mortal tsar  spent nights with her, and merchants terrestrial have grown rich from its great luxury ”, “ it will be fallen at a single hour ”, [St. John Revelation, 18, 3] as it actually usedhappened to it earlier. When? We do not know for only the Creator can see all the world process. As it is said in the Holy Wright:

“ Also has told to me: it is completed! I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end: to those who is thirsty I shall give my gift from a source of alive water; The winner inherits everything, and I shall be to Him His God, and He will be the Son for Me ”; Also He has shown to me a pure river of water of a life, light as a crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and the Innocent person; And that hear do will say: Come! For that who is thirsty, let him come, and for the interested person let him take water of a life gift ” [Saint John Revelation, 21, 6-7, гл. 22, 1, 17]. « Who believes in Me, how it is told in Holy Wright, will flow from a belly of the river of water alive; Thus He has told of the Spirit Who had to accept the Trust and the belief in Him … » [Saint John Revelation гл. 7:38].

Whether there were so many of us to accept the gift of water of life during two thousand years? And now: whether we shall accept It, when there is <… the chance to become more perfect – by means of cutting off or revival of the imperfect forms. Without violence - for: first the beginning ask at dead - whether it wishes to live?> [23].

Therefore - let each of us will wonder, whether it wishes to live? Whether wishes to get drunk sacred water - Spirit Sacred? Whether it wishes to be spiritualized to change and revive from dead consciousness?

What we shall hear in the answer? Can be we shall recollect, what in a nature human there is only a positive answer? As an echo - water of life: whether it is alive … I am alive … … I … yes … yes … we Can to repeat, one to one, completely, not transforming it in a particle "was not present", on which and vessels Divine are not present, because it does not exist in Its reality? For He never divided Himself with the creation. Perhaps, the general answer will be positive, and we should not survive in the hardest conditions of struggle with each other for the place in a life. And we, at last, become a cultural Tree of the Life, bearing edible fruits, and our Book of the Life will cease to be a bitter poison for all Universe. And from our bellies the rivers will flow with water of life, a fragrant amrita, waters exhaling aroma of love to all alive on light, in the True Divine, risen from dead ashes.


7. To a question of an approach to a natural model of development


Before there accepted a new measure of a life, there must be its perceiving, there must be created a cultural context that will open certain qualities of attitudes of a set of private sights connected in complete outlook. The contextual thinking is necessary for terminating measures, their allocation, a frame of dynamic structure of social-cultural attitudes in a certain cultural framework. The output causes a deviation in development of a life, breaks its harmony. In a present situation of changes, on a joint of transition in a new measure, a cultural context of a former measure has become obsolete.

In a methodology of the western rational thinking is a fundamental property of the validity is its division into separate objects and the events having the different nature. Similar crushing of the validity has created an illusion of a non-correlated world processes, and has paved a way, where magnificent dogmatism, narrowness of sights and the consumer attitude to an environment rule. However, many scientists have already realized, that a logic description of natural phenomena is based on or, otherwise, human consciousness, [33].

A methodology of abstract thinking of culture of the East considers subjects and the phenomena of the validity as various embodiments of the same realities. Fundamental property of such reality is the unity of set of things, their coherence and interdependence. Nevertheless, the logic explanation to this sight is absent, that generates superstition, irrationality, indifference of consciousness in a social-cultural environment.

Thus, distinction of cultures of the East and the West, their way of life, is defined by a various mentality. The dualism is inherent in the western mentality, step-type behaviour, belongs to east mentality pure monism, unity. Attempts of replacement of one mentality on another, undertaken by the western scientists [33], are in our opinion insolvent. In complete outlook there is no dualism and monism, it and distinguishes integrity from unity and dualities. Both of them comprise the analytical approach assuming distinction, and as a result express any one, the unique point of view on the validity which has appeared by division, subtraction or addition and multiplication of many points of view. For example, the Buddhism before to express the sight at unity and generality of the world, passes it through a prism of analytical meditation, leaning on the "correct" concept.

Actually, these processes of thinking are reflection by human consciousness no-menal portioning the Whole Universe or the Universal Person, its projection, the truth not absolutely full. In it while process of connection and linkage in a uniform matrix cloth of set of world individual consciousnesses only starts to be shown. However, linkage or a synergy of elements of the thinking which has been not cleared by distinction and branch real from unreal, of grains from shells, creates their synthesis or system of false concepts, with a low degree of the true maintenance, with particles of gold in a plenty of dead rock.

If the analytical part of research of a reality is executed in a key of distinction which is, we remind, only at the God then the perfect synthesis in which all elements as parts of uniform process, will be connected in a complete reality is possible. The question costs that we have released ourselves from divine distinction, have forgotten about divine part in us, capable to distinguish true because it and is true, and began to distinguish, offering not knowledge, and interpretation of this knowledge, traces from them. Have left marks so, that we can not connect and connect even a part of world processes owing to what by violence we try to connect unjoinable: cultures, the nations, originality of people.

However, there is a positive moment. It is expressed that both of a mentality converge in one, more truly, find recently one point of understanding of the nature of consciousness: the human consciousness displays a complete reality and reflexing, creates a phenomenon of distinction of conditions of a matter, its step-type behaviour, materiality. That is, there is a uniform understanding of that the external nature of a reality is consciousness, and the reality is the internal nature of all things - too consciousness or, otherwise, soul as it is treated in Induism.

This understanding logically leads to a psycho-semantics because the concept is a display of essence of subjects in human thinking [29]. Concrete concepts display external step-type behaviour, abstract - an internal continuity of the same realities as in semantics the concept is in system of logic attitudes and forms, and the word meaning is in system of language.

Thus, it is possible to speak that the world community costs on a way of creation of the new integrated methodology based on restoration of complete thinking which will form a complete image of the world and culture corresponding it.

Divided among themselves the culture of spirit or natural life (universal consciousness) and culture of a matter as social life (set of individual consciousnesses), restored in the integrity, are capable to adjust a life and its processes, and to create the complete structural organization meaning the order and harmony of human system.

The integrated thinking displays a complete reality within the limits of natural model of consciousness which defines new time and new space, in theological sense « the new ground and the new sky » when old model of consciousness or, the sky with its all stars is metaphoric, « is turned off in a roll ». Undoubtedly, the human community will have other picture of the world, more complete and accomplished, than existing nowadays.

While our problem consists in preparing this moment, to anticipate it, and gift of soul human to present the future generations well-being and health to keep them in entire divine of the Creation. It is the unique duty which is available us before the Creator about which pardon we ask in a pray because we do not execute it. The creator has given us a life, we, having lost memory of Spirit or soul, in oblivion, we return death - a non-realized static matrix of possible conditions, an empty vessel, without a drop of water of life. We die of thirst, in dryness of senile bones, in hope to get in paradise where us will give to drink and will feed, in a nirvana, where from pleasure of divine good fortune of a shower расцветет a lotus of love.

We create "dry" (dedication) and "damp" (mysticism of alchemical transformation), "dark blue" (clarification) and "white" (dedication and mysticism of transformation) ways of return to the fatherlike house, not remembering direct road to it - revelations of a divine element of human system -  immortal individualities, the maximum "I" in themselves. We identify ourselves this or that way. We go to an another's star (individuality) and when we come to it we understand that have got in a trap of the mystified consciousness facilitating our suffering by mirages deserts of our minds, a deprived source of water of life.

We get in a trap of callous knowledge of the God where « mind as if the sun without spots » [ Parshkov ] dries up us ascetism of a flesh and the unreasonable requirement of feedback of all vital forces to the intermediary costing on road with highly lifted rod through which it is necessary to jump, spending last drops of water of life, to reach heights of spiritual egoism. The knowledge loaded by a statics as a magnet we draw to themselves wishing to find itself, and we create a false star around of which the constellation of the pupils crowds, wishing to surpass itself. In improbable arrogance we give out a part of knowledge for the whole, and we receive for it prestigious scientific premiums. We avoid to meet with themselves and consequently we fill emptiness with everything, everything: friends, children, women, men, work, wine, entertainments.

We have forgotten a Language of Life where the image and a word are uniform, and have learned to write dead doctrines in which words live separately from the natural essence. We have forgot to speak and read in Language of the Life, having closed tightly a door of wildlife of all things and have allocated with the labels estimating cost of each them.. We погрязли in artificial estimations each other, reading the price list on the pasted label. From a millenium we go to a millenium across a desert of mind, in thirst of knowledge and estimations, hanging ranks for knowledge - it is unimportant, where: in a spiritual or ordinary life. We are afraid to speak and hear of any Pagan times – times of a natural language, that gives a birth to the Word. We have got confused in definitions, and we do not distinguish pagan rites and rituals from the Alive Word Whose Way is, the Truth and Life.

And the Word is our divine identity, identity, equality to the Creator in which there is no lie. We long and speak about identity - ethnic, personal, social much, and we do not reflect that it represents actually. It is a constant of spirit, constant unchangeable size in our research of a life, a true reality, the superperson, our face which is displayed by our consciousness and reflects it in the form of variables, components of cultural-social identity. The constancy of spirit not эфемерно, it possesses material coordinates of invisible field structure of a matrix, and shows « absolute constant property of a reality which is expressed by the formula ηcIe2 = 137 » [28, с.37]. The constancy of a matter and spirit is their equivalent each other which remains constant in all times and spaces, being shown in them variables of substance and consciousness.

Variables are cognitive (mental constructs), mentality (emotions), cultural values and belief on the basis of which there is a behavior of the person, and also its body - time and space. Time, space, culture, values, belief and according to it outlook varies. Constant there is a constant of spirit - our identity to the Creator which cannot be taken away, распять, neither to burn on a fire, nor to hide in clinic for mental patients. The true always remains True, it is simply those, and is in each of us, without dependence from, whether we trust in the God or not.

Therefore the integrated methodology is based on static structure of firm principles of Creation and dynamical structure of their reflections, private laws, laws in the phenomenal world, interface of parts to the Whole which follows from the general principle, saying that « a source of any life is no-menal, phenomenal only opens its potentialities » [39] in time and space.

In integrated methodology [26], rather the reverse, as it is done now when any science it becomes dogmatic hardly movable in the basic point of view. Then, in the world of ideas - firm eternal principles, the idea of the whole ontologically precedes idea of a part and on the contrary, in the world shown is temporary-spatial phenomena all over again approve all parts, and only after that the opportunity of revealing of the whole accrues. The last is possible at the coordination of concrete phenomenal conditions with the no-menal first image or interface of a phenomenon with a no-menon.

Question of "attachment" disputable enough and opened for today. Since Aristotel there has served such basis of metaphysics. Descartes wrote about it, offering the scheme of a tree in which roots are metaphysics, also a trunk - physics, and all other sciences - a crone in this tree. K.Marx, having rejected metaphysics, "has pulled out" this root that has served as the beginning of occurrence of materialism which ground subsequently заросла weeds of ideas of world monotony.

Now there are two approaches to this question. The author of the first approach [F.Kapra, 33] offers shift from natural sciences to humanitarian in which roots of the same tree, unlike the cartesian scheme, the metapsychology, a trunk - psychology, and all other sciences - a crone is, that in general does not change an essence of former structure.

The other approach of a Russian physicists [Thorns, Akimov A.], isolated from physics to the subphysicist who is engaged in research of consciousness that can be enough narrow sphere of knowledge which will inevitably lead to necessity of expansion or metaknowledge with creation of the new abstract physical concepts equivalent on value mystical.

In our opinion, metaknowledge as a part of methodology it is possible only through a meta language. For a physical fundamental principle of conscious activity is speech, and its tool - language. It also is that uniform root from which trees eat all. Pull out a root of a tree from the ground - the tree will not be, but the ground begins to be exhausted from surplus of elements which remain in it not used and that it will be released from them, it will accept in herself any thrown seed. The meta language, otherwise, program language of human system (system language of a brain by means of which the code of DNA is read) which existed earlier owing to what there was a perfect outlook [22, 18], has been withdrawn, pulled out" from this system at any stage of evolutionary development. Therefore there was a failure of the program of a human life, it began to cope is artificial the created languages - tracing-papers of a meta language, not its absolutely exact copies.

More than thousand years ago they named it “devanagari” or divine language. It is a language of life, a language of ours immortal individualities, a language of soul and heart. And we have forgotten it. Here again we come to a necessity of a Pagan presence in integrated methodology (probably, semiotics in modern research), certainly not in sense of Christian interpretation which representations are in this respect superstitious enough and ignorant.

Works of V. P. Kaznacheev and A.P. Dubrovin and other Russian scientists show, that there exists an out-molecular component of life – a semantic space which provides existence of the psychological communications influencing molecular-biological objects. Qualities of psycho-semantic spaces are - an energy-information exchange; storage in the structure of the information in a code kind; absence of time [30]. That is, it is a question of qualities of physical vacuum.

Thus, psycho-correlative communications of semantic space or, differently physical vacuum, are superconductors of matrix dynamical structure of consciousness. Therefore the consciousness is undertook through semantic space influences surrounding material world.

According to a hypothesis multivariate continuousness semantics of a natural language [40] - (models of "fan", "tree"), the personal semantic space is capable to fast and rather non-conflict recustomizing of language categories during which the part of the information dies away by a principle of economy of thinking, and is replaced on the new information going from a current situation. [40].

The author of a hypothesis Shmelev And. explains « redundancy of coding » in a natural language presence of numerous synonyms for the most important concepts. The opportunity of modelling and transformation is carried out by the mechanism « turn of coordinate axes to the centers of " a condensation » empirical experience: the most frequency semantic categories (sector of space) receive more names in language and by that « draw » to itself coordinate axes, forming mainstreams of semantic opposition » [40, with. 124].

Presence of synonyms, in opinion And. Of Shmelev, is an attribute of reliability of a neural network, which provides an opportunity of several parallel ways in carrying out of excitation between image of a situation and adoptive in the image of actions (a category, strategy of behavior in this situation) in case of “forgetting” the word which have happened as a result of failure of certain neural communication [40]. Actually, here the reason of our "unconsciousness" owing to which there is a set of synonyms of the same processes of a life, apparently, can disappear.

To transformations of personal semantic space Shmelev And. carries coupling, division and a stretching (polarization), and as their sources ranks: empirical individual experience (subjective model of the present or empirical model); valuable-motivational preferences (subjective model of the future, or ideal model); a position of the observer, or "point of view"; « I-image (model actual I cementing consists of consciousness of the individual).

Coupling of coordinates (personal mental constructs) leads to formation of high-polarized construct-stereotypes, therefore the author considers coupling and polarization by the interconnected transformations [40, with. 125-126].

Thus, we can see, that the hypothesis of a multivariate continuousness semantic space explains all the same physical vacuum, a matrix of possible conditions, a measure, processes of formation of social-cultural patterns/stereotypes by means of torsion rotations of coordinates (mental constructs) to this or that model of consciousness. Therefore, when we speak about pagan, we do not mean any empty religious interpretation, but the very nature of life released from a doctrine by nothing proved bias.

From here, if we wish to see a reality without distortions, and to change an existing state of affairs the tree of sciences should have a uniform root which grows in hidden from an external sight heavenly repeat, and a trunk and a crone above it, on a kind, as well as it is necessary in the nature, and then it will be the Tree of the Life yielding fruits of immortality, instead of the Tree of Knowledge, owing to which knowledge have appeared buried in the ground unconscious therefore to extract them it is necessary a blind method in outer darkness of ignorance and blindness.

For evident representation of the Tree of Life we shall refer to the John’s Sacred Revelation “ And He has shown me the pure river of water of life, light, as a crystal, proceeding from the throne of the God and the Innocent Person.

2. In the street, on the both sides of the river, there is the Tree of Life. It bears fruit twelve times a month; and the leaves of the Tree are for healing people ” [24 The Revelation. 1, 2].

To restore a root of the Tree first of all it is necessary to understand very well, that the spiritual nature/environment is potential chaos of elements of ideas, and the material nature/environment - organic chaos of elements of a matter which are inert, passive. That the nature/real of consciousness is spirit, and the nature/real of substance - a matter, or together Uniform pair Real – the spiritual matter - the material carrier of potential divine ideas the no-menal world, the World Soul.

As a result of mutual coauthorship, association of the Heaven with the Earth, by means of consciousness in the form of reflections and a self-reflection, material transformations, there is a realization of idea/information - a matter of spirit or Real - spirit and a matter in a pure perfective aspect - the shown, realized divine idea - the Epiphany in the phenomenal world.

In human collective memory were kept such the Epiphany, as an embodiment of gods in the ancient aryan culture, Vedas, the culture Induism, the cult of Zaratushtra, the Judaic culture  and the Christ culure. Today we can see the Epiphany on behalf of Satia Saia the Woman which phenomenon concerns already to the world culture.

Such comprehension lets know, what aspect of a reality is investigated: external or internal. When the consciousness and substance is studied - variables of intermediate conditions of realized idea, transformational processes of the changed conditions of consciousness and modular conditions of substance are investigated. When we investigate the information and energy, we deal with constants internal constant, the immortal nature of dynamical consciousness and substance - spirit and a matter, the Real.

Besides it, there is a necessary to understand and that when the question of the Tree of the Life which “ grows on both parties of the river in the middle of street and yields fruits twelve times in a year ”, the human brain, its system language, consciousness is meant it as their reflection by means of what function of bilateral resonant communication with a true Reality is carried out, and its display in the form of harmonious cyclic processes of a life in a noosphere Reason with its Superbrain, consciousness and a meta language.

That infringement of natural neural communications and connections promoted formation of other "tree" - other ways of movement of the information to the human brain, its synonyms expressed by set through change of language and consciousness. Loss of a feedback has led to loss of a life for the feedback is its general pattern, the major component of modelling of alive organisms.

It is “ a tree, ” with its artificial language, and the changed condition of consciousness connects us to an imaginary virtual reality. A fruit of communication with an empire of a dream is the death: that is mortal - is a seed of a virtual reality, or mental construct, representation about a reality which is substantiated in an environment, becomes a fruit in which there is no life - spirit and a matter. The substance in itself always undergoes changes, transformation, is born, then dies, and so up to bad infinity because in it there is no life.

There is a special question: which of us is "substantiated" - substance and consciousness, the form, and who - the emptiness filled contained - a matter and spirit where the form is equal to the maintenance, emptiness, in which all completeness? That is, which one is uttered In a word, which one is from other places has come to the world terrestrial of the river alive, what at a throne of the God and the Innocent person, and? How we shall guess? Which one extends energy of  life, really brings it to exist?

Among people there are is not many real men because the person is an Epiphany. Here so, simply as in drugstore to buy medicine: open in itself a life – a spiritual matter, revive from dead, show itself in the world the person then and карма will disappear, as a bad dream, and all sufferings will leave, and it is not necessary to search for beyond the grave paradise with good-looking women and pillows, or to stay in a latent dream of a secondary nirvana, then to be substantiated again with the idea “fix” which will confuse not one head. Here the One Who was the Son Human spoke about what true revival from dead two thousand years ago.

The mechanism of full realization of ideas is simple enough: any plan is developed from the general idea by a deductive method, and its realization follows an inductive method under the law of direct identity. [39]. Therefore the nature and its laws have no morals, morals and ethics are eventual, they affirm persons during their ability to live.

The personal “I” have no true idea, it is connected with it just potentially and represents it through a prism of the condition "here-and-now". Revealing of idea I and its individualities, direct knowledge is carried out through the maximum intuition - revelation which is the maximum cognitive ability of the person, by original natural intelligence, “ perception of the transcendental world, intuition of race ” [38].

Artificial ignoring of this ability, denying of experience of knowledge by revelation of knowledge, restriction of researches by the lowest intuition - ordinary intelligence (perception from an environment of the immanent world), has led to false, pessimistic concepts of pure idealism and materialism. Where, in one case, the world of spirit with which the pettiness of the shown world of the matter which have arisen owing to either human fall is opposed, or revolts of the first angel is idealized. In other case, the weighed and measured reality is limited by a limit of a life of substance of a matter behind which there is nothing, except for its death. Withdrawal from knowledge of revelation has led unilateral hypertrophied, defective in the criticality, to the outlooks idealizing either spirit, or a matter.

The integrated methodology in which the maximum cognitive ability/revelation is a link between two worlds - the potential world of ideas and the world of their phenomenal phenomena, will inevitably lead to the complete outlook uniting life of both worlds, “humanization of sciences ” (I. Prigozhin) assumes humanitarisation of natural sciences and, in our opinion, will give the status of naturalness to mystical knowledge of a life.

Now we can understand, that “ time infringement of harmonious balance is a necessary condition and a method of the realization of evolution … disharmony - consequence and a parameter of imperfection of a phenomenal organism, the engine and the mechanism of its evolution ” [39].

The system of the world community, and the mankind entering into it, is a complete alive organism to which the motionless center and the periphery aspiring in the evolution to express the maintenance of the center is peculiar. The center is the form of spirit where the form is equal to the maintenance – information/energy/spirit and their natural life/matter or primary principles in which three categories - absolute reason are interfaced, feeling, will. Primary principles are shown through the individual form and the maintenance where there is no identity, but there is their harmony - the certain proportions of spirit and the matters expressed in reason, feelings and will through ипостасную (personal) morals, ethics, morals.

Individuality as the form of spirit, is a conductor of primary principles on periphery therefore its revelation is a first step to expression of their maintenance - spirit. Revelation of spirit in esoteric is considered as traditions of Izida revelation (the nature of spirit, soul) - natural life opens itself - never-ending immortal spirit/information/energy of the Creator. And consequently, any research of a life executed in its revelation, bears fruit of immortality in which there is no pessimism. It becomes revelation of phenomena, the phenomenon of divine reason, feeling, will.

In this many-sided, objective research are absent:

1) generalization through ignoring of the secondary reasons and neglect overtones;

2) a corner of sight (aspect) when any generalization implicitly includes an element of chance;

3) estimation, preference, a choice, incompleteness, an inaccuracy which also enter a narrow element of subjectivity into generalization;

4) concreteness, stagnation of self-development, powerlessness (absence of force which is scooped from the world of primary principles or area of universal outlines).

The static principles expressed through individuality/model of consciousness/private a measure, in the phenomenal world become dynamical variables of wave function of consciousness to which concern: perception, cognition, feel, space, time. During evolution in a is temporary-spatial continuum there is a time structure of identity and its components - cognitive that contains a sense of an idea, motivational in which the will of an embodiment of idea is reflected; emotional where the idea clothes feeling - mentality; valuable - a cultural context in which the idea is materialized.

The measure, carrying out a role of a part, connects categories of direct life to the categories describing sphere of essence. At present such understanding of a measure is absent. Methodologicalally the measure is the abstract standard of measurement of object which has no the attitude to the characteristic of its concrete essence meaning an individual measure of object. That is, at present in methodology there is no cognitive approach (in our reading revelation or the maximum cognitive ability) which was offered by Gegel and who has not been used neither philosophy, nor a science [29].

Till now the abstract artificial standard in which is absent real dominates. The abstract natural standard is an ideal measure where quality is equal to quantity under the direct law of identity. In the phenomenal world such measure is possible only in Saint Revelations. In the rest the individual measure of a gold proportion in which the quantity of this quality is measured has. In this case each thing has a quantity measured to it the Creator of quality (spirit/energy/information on the material carrier) at present time and space.

The measure is the instruction, the sample, a pattern. An American researcher Ken Uilber « considers the absence of instructions means absence of original methodology » [the Eye of spirit, 2002]. In his opinion function of the instruction, the sample or a paradigm consists in that passing conditions of consciousness, having a cognitive status, would be transformed to stable attributes or structures. That is, it is a question of methods which the original methodology should contain.

The measure or model of consciousness contains in the coded kind samples of behaviour - instructions, patterns. For example, « Sacred book of Tot » contains 22 instructions corresponding 22 structures of consciousness which open the value in process of expansion of consciousness through transpersonal experience. In a runic code of 26 fleeces where an alchemy of universal processes is incorporated; structures of samples of behavior the psychology of the Buddhism, east and Christian yoga, Dao and Muslim contains, northern, the South-American spiritual traditions.

A set of models to store memory of universal patterns in individual structures of consciousness which cooperate among themselves by means of objective-subject processes. During passage of this or that experience there is their activation. Stable attributes arise strictly consistently, any attribute does not predominate over another, but at the same time hierarchy of management by the general process which is defined them by inter-put, contest is observed. Each subsequent process contains all previous.

Revelation of patterns and formation on their basis of characteristic attributes of behavior and culture also is original methodology of knowledge of a life. Revelation universal in individual, individual in universal, spirit in a matter, a matter in spirit by means of coherent processes of their interfaced participle and interaction. Practice of all spiritual cultural traditions contain methods of transformation of universal patterns in stable structures of consciousness, and, on the contrary, transformation of passing conditions of consciousness to stable universal patterns.

Satia Sai Baba in his doctrine briefly says the following: “ the Culture is a perfection ” [5]. And perfection or an ideal [29]. So, the measure is the standard of perfection and culture, the instruction of original methodology which expresses process of knowledge or a life following criteria: [F.Kapra, 2004]. Actually, it is the matrix approach in research by means of which objects are studied not, and the nature or the processes connecting a physical reality with a reality of spirit, where [Shri Aurobindo, Synthesis of yoga, 58]

This decision of a methodological question of objective-subject attitudes in which the objective information as objective process in a constant kind is transferred the subject who can use it and transfers in the same kind on other material subject. Such research gives the objective information, allocation from object of the subject (object of research) as contained this object, assumes subjective perception of object under the certain corner of sight. In case of the consent with the point of view for - its basic concept, mental конструктом, the researcher receives acknowledgement of the theory. From here theories and hypotheses are approximate realities as in this case we learn a life a method of approach true that gives its relativity in relation to other point of view for.

In the passive potential world of ideas/instructions there is no object where force for their display should give vent, that is, the form. In the actual potential world this object is the universal matrix, "Cell-mother". With the beginning of Creation and origin of the phenomenal world there is an allocation from object of its parts - set of cells, set of empty cells of a matrix - vessels for reception of mental energy and the information, subjects.

Allocation of the subject from object is intended for carry of spirit/information/energy. Research of vessels or the forms intended for storage and transfer of the information, and mess of the form with the maintenance, creates complex enough, inconsistent picture of studying of the world, far from real knowledge which not in a condition to explain phenomena of a life or self-actualization and realization of ideas.

The methodology of real knowledge contains the integrated methods of empirical and theoretical research including an ascention from the concrete elementary, structural analysis, synthesis and synergetrics to abstraction and further a convergence from abstract to concrete. Restoration of original perception of a reality begins with the distinctive analysis which is carried out by means of revelation of individuality - the objective point of view of the objective observer cleared of elements of subjectivity - mental perception of a reality.

The researcher as the subject, represents system which is incompleteness of objective system, differently reflection of the incompleteness which has resulted allocation of the subject from object. According to a principle of incompleteness of system (the theorem of Gedel) that there were changes in system, the output for its limits in metasystem, other context is necessary.

D.N.Uznadze's (a Soviet scientist) theory of installation was engaged in search of such output, H. P. Vigotsky (the theory of activity), A.N.Leontev, A.R.Lurija which considered, that [4]. The maximum "I" do not belong to a mental sphere, it is behind its limit and is general installation of our life, the instruction, the Foresight in theological sense which in the latent coded text kind contains in геноме. We should deal with a context - the mental process connecting the form and the maintenance, a matter and spirit. Revelation of secret individuality in us activates processes of comprehension of the true essence in order that we have executed applicability of the life - its knowledge.

The output of the researcher in metasystem and its finding in psycho-correlative communications with the observer (the maximum "I") or, differently in a condition cogernetness with it, the coordinated course in time of wave processes of consciousness, allows it to be in natural timeliness - a measure, the natural standard of a life, in spirit and true. Owing to what the researcher has an opportunity to compare the response of the system with reference wave process, to adjust individual process on objective, to be synchronized with it. As a result the condition of its dynamic structure of consciousness for some time qualitatively varies.

 During this time the new volume of the information is transferred the researcher, at it radiation of wave processes of consciousness varies, it extends, develops new formation - the new image, a new level of original intelligence. Consequence of it is maintenance of the certain level of stability of dynamical structure and its translation in the form of phenomenal opening in different areas of a life. It is the moment of formation of " radiant mankind ” ( K.E.Tsiolkovsky spoke of that).

Linkage of object with the subject as uniform observable by means of the attitude of the third - the objective observer, allows the researcher to realize completely an objective reality original intelligence - its radiant "sun" which lights up darkness of ignorance the “satory” - inside, doing its reason clarified. For linkage of the original and its copy is a way of action between them, process where communication is mutual reflection, a reflection, and the attitude, as a way of their copresent life, a condition of revealing and realization of the properties hidden in them.

At this moment arises аттрактор - a zone of an attraction of consciousness of the researcher in area of set of the points of view on studied object in a energy-information floor of consciousness and transition from relationships of cause and effect in a likelihood not local mode - a matrix of possible conditions or probability of interrelations of investigated object - a pattern, its steady dynamic condition, “ fluid balance ” [L.Bertalanfi's term, 33].

The sequence of this process shortly looks as follows:

1. A finding a method of the distinctive analysis of real elements of the concrete phenomenon, their synthesis and linkage in object by transition from is concrete-logic thinking in abstract. Branch of the reasons from consequences – psycho-semantic (bidzy - an initial sound) or on abstract unilateral definition and psycho-emotional feelings, that is a branch of an object from subjective painting of a perception.

2. Restoration of initial integrity of object - cleared of consequences, an essence of object is concretized by transition of abstract thinking to is concrete-logic. The reality (principle) appears in the pure state, free from is temporary-spatial circuits of psycho-emotional, cognitive perception, concepts, social-cultural values.

Being naked Izida appears as the Truth, as it is known from symbolism, she has never had any clothes…


The conclusion


In the conceptual substantiation of natural model of development that we have offered there is no idealism and an impossibility of fulfilling a task; there is a mode of creation a certain orientation, a resonance of a real idea in a vein of the present time life. We start with understanding that fact, that the information arising in one of informational systems of a time continuum changes a condition of all the continuum that provides its evolutionary development (according to the Einstein-Podolsk-Rozan paradox).

We shall take an advantage of this paradox of  life, - natural, not local psycho-correlative communications of a noosphere Superreason, otherwise, information channels of an alive hologram of the Universe which instantly makes multiple copies and transfer information to bring the following message: we - are alive.


Brief dictionary of equivalent terms-synonyms


The concepts-synonyms are given as an evident sample of their identity. Terms, and the very sense enclosed in them, and also some comments to them, besides our own ones, are taken from different authors whose names we intentionally do not mention lest there should not appear any excessive biases. We suggest a reader to continue this creative process. If there will be a desire, any reader (having added his own understanding) canexpand the offered list.


The absolute - Parabrahman (Sanskrit) – the Highest Reality, deprived all attributes, not having any identity, an impersonal and anonymous world principle. The Allah (Muslim).


Akasha - a primary substance, the world space. The location of eternal thought-base radiates the first Logos of gnostics - the expressed idea. A characteristic attribute of Akasha is sound - a translated symbol of a thought or speech (an idea expressed aloud). A sound is asubstratum of Akasha. Not differentiated Akasha is a divine female principle, a root of the Nature (Mulaprakriti) or Matters. A guide of the Spirit, the Maximum Soul – a memory of the Spirit.

The One (in neoplatonism) without any form and a floor, given a life to Himelf, without fertilisation, it is idolized in a form of the Maiden-mother. Nut in the Egyptian mythology. The Great Mother, the Pure Maiden who was born from herself and has given a life to God. Akasha gives a fruit of the Tree of the Life (a fruit of Spirit whose individuality or the Word where the symbol of the individuality is Christ, and the soul acts as a synonym of individuality) and spills divine water of a life (consciousness, waters of knowledge).

From here there is a sense of one of apocryphal stories described an explainable case when mother of Jesus Christ saw a double of her Son, a girl absolutely similar to Jesus is. Mother adhered her to a leg of a bed and ran for the son. Jesus who came home talked to her of something [see D.Merezhkovsky "Unknown Jesus"].

The universal matrix with an alpha metrics (alphabet), the Cell-mother, a measure ( an ancient aryan symbol of measure was a goddess Lada, who was a family watcher or Press of the Image - seven "I", seven reflections of the Uniform. Lada stores grain of Spirit - a monad or the maximum Soul, Memory of Spirit. She stores it under seven presses. Otherwise, the keeper of universal codes - chronicles of Akasha or an information databank in modern understanding, its memory. Akasha - a parent Cover, cabbalistic « seven-integumentary mother », a cloud of Glory, a cover infinite and Absolute, Shekina in the Sephirot Tree. A body of Glory in esoterics, spiritual matter that brings light. Mother of the World with a covered Face (E.Roerich and N.Roerich).


Time - an internal rhythm of our existence. Outside of us time comes to light as space and is materialized as a form of a body and bodies.

Space - an opportunity of movement. Time is a urgency - realization of movement. Space is time, having projected outside. Time is a memory of a spatial movement and its internal transformation in a sensation of duration and a continuity. Time and space is an interior and appearance of the same things. Freedom precedes a law - to time and space. That is, the law - time and space. The opening of the law is the opening of time and spaces or measures. If time and space leave, their laws also leave.

Time-space is the constant law of the Absolute. Crystallization of time, compression of time (curtailing) - the beginning of formation of a matter in space. Differentiation of time, "thawing" of time, expansion - development of a matter in space. Time "leaves" with our development … and then again is compressed, but already on other level of development, and so endlessly. Therefore for each piece of development the law will seem a miscellaneous, depending on its compression or differentiation. For example, laws of compression do not work at expansion of time, and on the contrary.

Time is an internal nature of alive things. Communication of time and space has character of double polarity. We are mortal or immortal, that depends on a nature of time that we create by means of an internal rhythm of our life and depth of our consciousness. Those who live in an illusory time of a peripheral consciousness, intelligence and in an existential continuum of an external world, are identified as mortal. Those who live in harmony with pulse of eternity, (real time - pulse of eternity) is identified as immortal.

Space-time secondary qualities of the reality. Time is a dynamic aspect, it is individual, and, hence, it is an incomplete, not completed action and experience. Space is a result of all activity in its completed, and, hence, timeless aspect. What is not completed, only that can be understood and only that can lead us further.


The Highest Soul - an immortal part of the person, atman (sanskrit) or a monad – the Universal Spirit. Atma - the Maximum Soul, a Memory of Spirit, the Maximum "I", a breath of a life. The immortal soul of a person; it is equivalent to an immortal Ego or individuality.


Breath – an exchange process of life where the breath is an inspiration of compressed information, an exhalation is a revelation, expansion, expansion of the information. A correct breath includes both of process. An infringement of breath means a loss of a rhythm of life, its interruption. The beginning of life is an inspiration of the person as ideas, an exhalation is an expansion of information, a birth of the form of consciousness - a physical body with the subsequent breaths of the information of world around and exhalations - birthes of its objects.


Uniform pair Real – the very Nature of Spirit which consists of the spiritual reasonable nature - Consciousnesses and the material nature, a primary Substance or Life. Common-birth, androgen, Adam (Cabbala), a double, not polarized energy. During creation it is divided into consciousness and the substance polarized, cooperating forces, Jan and In in Dao, esoteric man's and female origin, hindu Siva and Shakhti, Adam Kadmon in Cabbala – the first man from whose "rib" (image) Eve was created and given to him fer the help. From an emanation of Spirit there was spiritual matter, the nature of Spirit possessing a reason, consciousness, feelings that helps Spirit to feel or to perceive, to reflect, to realize and to comprehend Itself. In esoteric it is the nature of Spirit of the Truth, the cloth of Izida - the naked Truth, a Wife dressed in the Sun light.

Concerning a bible "rib" the conclusion is made of the following reason. A rib or «tsail» (Idish) is conformable with a word «tselem», that can be translated from Idish as the Image of the God. Here is a conceptual displacement and a loss of sense which are caused by loss of some letters and their replacement with others therefore the word has turned out "tsela" that means the falling. Therefore in "The Holy Wright" the Mother of the mankind was attributed a "rib" and the fall. As the result of incorrect interpretation there was a distortion of the information of memory of spirit/soul, a false image of the fallen mankind with consequences of aversion of a female essence following from this image was created.

There was an outlook discrediting integrity of the Foremother, consequence of that has appeared an ego and its God Iegova - a dropped out part of individuality or the soul, the lost Word which has created in the branch an egregor - the egocentric world outlook социо-cultural matrix broadcasting a projection of own branch, transferred on all mankind: « exile from paradise », sufferings and melancholy on the lost blessing, struggle and a survival - « an eye for an eye », « a tooth for a tooth ». As a part of Creation, an egregor it is capable to create, have operating an effect on events of a life, but its opportunities are limited insufficient energy-informational by an exchange which is filled with horizontal interception of power world resources or parent force. In a socially-public life it is reflected in an inequality of floors, operation of female work, political resource expansion.

In mental sense as a result of division of consciousness into two parts there was a loss of a complete image of a reality. The superficial, narrowed consciousness has appeared unable to reflect completeness of the Image which bears the multivariate consciousness named by virtue of it неосознанности unconscious.

In New the Precept there is a hint on conceptual displacement: « all says goodbye, except for an abuse on Spirit of True », or in another way, for the Image of the Creator for the person can deform the Image in the representation, but change it not in a condition.


Identity - a complex psychological phenomenon, a multilevel mental reality which at present days also has some equivalent concepts: identity, consciousness, self-determination, egoism (Self), an image “I”, personal integrity, an antinarcissism, an ego.


Matter of spirit - a self-created, self-kept and self-collapsing matter with the purpose of revival and improvement, Consciousness and Life.


Image - a hologram, a face, a reflection of a reality. Life is an image … and the way of life - not that other as display of this primary image. Those who have learned internal images are found with ability to transformation.

The maximum (Highest) Divine Image - the Ego, a copy of the Creator. A man is a similarity of his copy. There are seven Images (семь-"I") Creations or seven Press - spears of the maximum Image, the seven abstract qualities reflecting creative process and described symbol, which essence - a matter, coupling, constant change, curtailing, accumulation, distribution and division. A press differently the-curtailed model of consciousness. An image of force of a matrix/measure - a stream, fluid water.

A human body has a press our true "I". Seven pressas are vectorially reflected in east iantras, expressing a geometry of  process of movement of mental energy in the mental centers. A failure of press observed at people which without any system are engaged an artificial «kundalini rise », is fraught with dangers for a psychophysical health because these presses should open a key that must correspond them. Only gradual preparation and growth of consciousness remove a cover Izida, in the form of revelations of Memory of Spirit, without any damage to itself and surrounding people.

Failure of code locks in planetary an energy-informational field can arise at intervention of people who « work with space, a word ». For example on opening of energy-packets» in a cult society «Radosteya» of E.Marchenko, or clearer and easier a breaking  of planetary bank of the information, -  breaking of Memory of the Spirit stored system files of noosphere the Superbrain. Similar intervention can lead to premature opening of the code Lock of Time and unpredictable consequences: to infringement of the order, occurrence of chaos, failure of management by world processes of Creation. As this situation has a planetary character, in 1996 the head «Radosteya» was warned (in a writing form) of a serious dander, but, apparently, her ambitions did not allow her to understand the danger of disclosing of the code of the planetary system to an unprepared mind. This knowledge can drive one mad as his consciousness will reflect the near-about-planet chaos caused by a failure of an operating structure. A principle "do not do much harm" and responsibility for a personal health and the environment are on the first place at a process of disclosing secrets of the Universe. It is spiritual ethics in where there is no place for narcissism of a spiritualized ego.


Revelation - the entire world is eternally existing Revelation of God. Revelation - the maximum intuition or the maximum cognitive ability, the maximum intuition of race.

Even the best food if it long to store, becomes a poison. We can say the same of a spiritual food. The truth cannot be adopted", all the time it should be rediscovered … it is necessary to change its form of any expression. The law of spiritual growth is a necessity to experience the same truth in the updated form and to develop not results, but methods of receiving knowledge and the result.

Revelation is an original methodology of knowledge of life.

Revelation is the final development connecting intuitions and feelings of synthesis - the maximum cognitive ability that can be inherent only by the purest spirit. Revelations always super-personal (equally harmonize with any individuality). That is apprehended through revelation, it cannot be spoken in any human language; the person should resort to more perfect and raised symbols inevitably.

Do not hurry up to condemn the bulletin if you do not understand a sense of a message. If you are convinced that spiritual is not a part of a science soon there are at personal deadlock … you go either to a wall, or to the bridge. The wall is an ignorance, the bridge is a revelation. … everything, that is necessary is to open mind towards to all those opportunities, and not just what seem comprehensible.

The basic purpose of Spirit - evolutionary growth of the person and comprehension of the true essence by it. The spirit wishes to show itself to consciousness. Subconsciousness interferes with it as the consciousness is not ready to apprehend revelation of Spirit. The true is necessarily comprehended as revelation.

Usual means of revelation is the Word.

Any inspiration is movement universal universal to individual through display; and any revelation is movement individual to universal through display. The inspiration happens, when the person inhales spirit of a life (curtails), has exhaled correspond to revelation (its expansion).

In history of human culture values of personal talents and a role of geniuses were denied.


The nature of Spirit - the spiritual reasonable Nature (Consciousness) and the material Nature (Life), representing in common reasonable spiritual conscious matter - a matter of Spirit. An alive matter which possesses consciousness, mentality, reason and individuality. A material data carrier of ideas - fancies of the Creator. In an esoteric sense a conductor of spirit, a receptacle of spiritual soul – an energy-informational matrix, Merkaba (Egypt), A Field of Love, A Floor of Spirit. A uniform Field of Consciousness where the nature of the Spirit models a life, giving variety of times and spaces of the shown world.

A field of various intensity of consciousness is the world of the differentiated life.

Completeness - the Uniform Field adjustable by resonant lenses or membranes, in particular at the person three lenses - a brain of a reptile (vegetative nervous system), a bark of a brain, reason.

Space - Memory of Spirit - absolute expression of a homeostasis. A homeostasis - a continuous stream of density of Time through the Matter and returning of the Matter in a substance of Time. Pressure of density of Time upon the Matter (Space) no less than development of the Matter due to it up to a condition of pure Spirit is absolutely necessary as a feedback participating in processes of a life. The world order is the nonlinear organization in structure of systems, it provides integrity, but thus is the factor destroying systems of structure. Aspiration in the future and on this way allocation from chaos of components of the order.

Therefore the space represents area of a pressure, and, owing to latent энергиям, it is environment or the carrier active energies of time, in which there are both of these dynamic principle: the latent principle of space and an active principle of time cause each other.


Reason - Divine Reason, Sofia. Secret wisdom, esoteric bodhism or internal knowledge. Unlike a potential Mind (buddhi - Sanskrit) the reason defines an ability to knowledge. It comes out the Little Face (the Less Person - Heavenly Adam, Cabbala), the protogenic Person from whom there was a Universe, and misses on thirty two ways - (to 22 letters and decade of figures - cabbalas.). In Induistic traditions a symbol of Reason - a goddess of speech and secret knowledge Sarasvati.

In a human system the reason means original intelligence - distinguishing and directing principle, distinction, instead of notorious IQ. A brain - structure by means of brain a reason carries out the activity. The spinal cord perceives the alphabetic information, a brain numerical. The acting information is compared on binary code system 1 and 0, by a principle « it - not it », the consciousness reflects the hologram which is compared with reference. That mismatches a reference image concerns reason to unreal.

 The information has property to be stored in bones. When process of the distinction is broken, the deformed information collects in bones that leads in due course to their decrepitude, fragility, destruction. Unlike usual people, bones or power sacred are imperishable, for in them the true information contains and is absent false. Therefore worship sacred мощам has no under itself ground of ignorant superstition and mysticism. Reception of the help from мощей is natural, as they bear the information of a divine Image which perceives human consciousness and reads out a brain. There is an original adjustment of an organism for health and healing.

The reason is the process of training identical to process of a life. The reason carries out process of training through nervous, endocrine system, the immune systems connected among themselves peptidas in uniform a psycho-somatic network. The psycho-somatic uniform network incorporates to a brain by means of peptidas. There is a complete cognitive network consisting of different systems by means of which the reason carries out the activity.


Consciousness - a dynamic principle of Creation, a spiritual reasonable nature or the nature of the Reason. Variables of wave function of consciousness are the space and time, perception, cognition, a feel. Ahamkara (ego) or force that induces to an indivduation.

Consciousness is a result of movement of an active force and an inertia (a male and female origin). The world is a result of consciousness. A surplus of active force destroys a physical body, a brain, causes overactivity of reason, manic conditions, psychoses. Surplus of inertia does reason hard-moving, there is a "blacked out" consciousness. An oneiroid condition of consciousness – a short-term madness or « an eclipse of the sun » which results from a huge resistance to active process of a life. It is accompanied by short-term turbidity of mind during struggle of two forces, a coming to an end deep depression - surplus of inertia. Psychotropic preparations which are applied in treatment of mentally sick people, restore the broken sites of a brain, stop symptoms, but they are unable to restore a balance in an organism. Here it is necessary, besides the medicinal approach, other, assuming regulation of power processes and restoration of harmony of an organism. If forces are counterbalanced, arises a biner interaction generating a force of balance, sattva, rest and harmony, health.

The dynamic nature of consciousness - a subconscious stream of life … in which all experience or maintenance of consciousness is stored from the prime time to be shown in active consciousness every time when it will be demanded with a condition and mental associations.

Consciousness of the Maximum Reason – a mental energy or Spirit.

The world of the differentiated life is defined … as a field of various intensity of consciousness. The person creates an environment and itself there is its creation. The shown Life is consciousness in greater or smaller set of individual aspects which lay simultaneously in synthesis and environment … oblivion consciousness of synthesis leads to its sensation, that it lives only in the environment. Living in the world as in … environment the person dismembers the consciousness on two updatings: 1) feeling - perception from the environment and integrated synthesis, perception of data of the analysis; 2) reason - classification, synthesis of these realities. Connection of perception and classification (synthesis). - when sensitivity perceives sensations from the environment; the Perception - when scoops sensitivity from integrated synthesis; Representation - reason approves individual sensations, objectivizates them; An Idea - a circuit of representations in natural sequence - the external form of internal consciousness.; idea - set модусов consciousnesses or ideas.

The consciousness through change of the depth - downturn of the order of synthesis is included into the relative world, through it there comes break with the whole. A raising and reunion with aspects of the Reality - increase of the order of synthesis. Raising the order of consciousness, the person rejects refer elements behind others up to a side of an internal kernel of consciousness - a final kernel of perception. The final kernel of perception is defined by two categories: on the one hand it is impersonal. Impersonality - first attribute of environment. The superperson - the first category of an absolute reality.

The nature of consciousness includes an antitomy that is why has on the same question simultaneously two various decisions. Primary antitomy is unity-plurality. Self-organized antitomy - members mutually reflect each other owing to what there is a system harmonious quarterner.

The superconsciousness (a matter Absolute Nothingness) fills all space of the Universe. Absolute Anything is environment which possesses the program, a matrix possible. It is possible to approve, that this Superconsciousness, spoken by language of physics as a field or a matrix … UP the level of a reality possesses Superreason and will. The superreason realizes a matrix in the form of primary vacuum, primary torsion fields - - quantum whirlwinds … whirlwinds transfer set of small whirlwinds not energy, and the information. Structurally as the hologram the information is distributed instantly as there is no exchange of energy. The hologram three-dimensional also fills all Universe. Inside of the hologram any two points are connected among themselves through a phase portrait. The matrix which is written down in this hologram, simultaneously comprises data on what properties the following level - physical vacuum should possess.

Power movement in the Universe - movement of the evolution of consciousness, energy of an enlightenment. In northern tradition the consciousness is considered the force, acting a spiritual level - mental energy.


The Curtailed Fields of Consciousness - wave modules, information packages, information blocks, code structures, skandhi (Sanskrit) or "convolutions" - attributes of time: the form, perception, consciousness, action, knowledge. Or superstrings - braided in a line - "roll" of a field of consciousness, coagulated fields of the Universe.


Body - crystallization of consciousness, its hardening, coagulation. A result of former wills, aspirations or karma. Condensed materialized time which demands space for the expansion, formations and materialization. Therefore the space represents area of a pressure, and, owing to latent energies is an environment or a carrier active time of energies, in which both of these dynamic principle: the latent principle of space and an active principle of time cause each other.


The Creator - an impersonal principle, Mind of the Absolute, the Boundless Light or Universal Wisdom (Adi-Budha - Sanskrit). Uniform, having four aspects (A Quarter of Soul or the form of perfection, the Emptiness of everything): the monadic Unit (the Origin of people), the primary substance (the female beginning), connection of a monad (an emanation of Spirit of eternity - the Maximum Soul) with this Duada (to Uniform steam rooms Real) in a triad or a Trinity which gives the nature both of them - a spiritual reasonable conscious matter (spiritual matter), or the existing world.


Triad - (Trimurti, Sanskrit, Three faces, an image) - attributes of the Universe differentiated spiritual matter. The maximum triad - three Images or the Face to which there correspond congenital qualities of the differentiated matter: the Image of the Founder (the God of Action, the Founder of Time, Brama in Induism, centrifugal force of expansion or guna radjas), the Image of the Destroyer (Siva, the Destroyer of old time, centripetal force of compression or guna tamas), the Image of the Keeper (Vishnu, the keeper of Time, force of balance or guna sattva). A sacred Trinity of Christian religion.

Reflection of the Trinity - the changed matter. Full identity of a terrestrial human image heavenly human, their connection in the Uniform divine Image. When personal "I" become equal to the individual maximum "I", to an identical Image of the Creator. The perfect self-comprehension, transformation of the person in immortal individuality - the Christ. The cleared, pure consciousness. The evolution designated by a syllable khangsa(Sanskrit), the meaning « I am Him ». Secret of three in one - spirit, soul, a life. Three Images in One - Maitreia (the hindu.), Russian Nested doll, the Matrix.


Ego - "I" (Lat.), consciousness of a person, an identification with the apprehended information, illusion of perception, egoism or the mortal person. An ego from the big letter - immortal individuality, an immortal Soul. Sutratman (Sanskrit) - a string of spirit, an immortal Ego, individuality which is embodied in people a life behind a life and on which, similarly to letters its uncountable persons are strung. Air world-wide supporting a life a samashta-prana or the world energy of Soul. Shielding Consciousness. A radiant Mirror (cabbalas.), meaning ability of a prediction, the Tree of the Life. Not radiant Mirror - the Tree of the Knowledge which have been blacked out by an ego, egoism.

The Divine base of a thought, lingam of the Creation, the Morning Star, the Christ, the worst enemy. A condition of the maximum Ego - manas (Sanskrit) - a feeling reincarnating principle in a person, the Spiritual Soul in theosophy. A reflection of Ego or Soul is the maximum "I", the initial double, an ideal or the Observer - Reflection Reflected.

The radiant, clarified mind, inspiration of mind – instant is a display of the maximum "I" in a person. Protogenic perception of divine knowledge, consciousness of the protogenic person, perceiving structure.

Reincarnating egos - persons - esoterically « the fallen angels ». In theology the Morning Star is also a name of Lucifier, the fallen angel. The Lucifier - the disappeared part of soul, its light. The Christ – restoring, the Lucifier, lifting it from knees and returning on the place. Deep understanding of a process of restoration of the Star in the person, lost light in a shower, the radiance, restoration of the "fallen" letters of the alphabet, restoration of the lost part (« the lost word » розенкрейцеров). Restoration of original perception, returning of the person to the canon - to a divine ideal. Parting from an ego, karma and the sufferings which have resulted falling in a sansara, meaning is literally "rotation", a torsion field where there is a division of a uniform reality into object and subject, the environment, and its objects, in which "I" - any more "I" arises.

Egotia - individuality, egoism - egoism.


Ether – a space Spirit, the maximum Mnas (Sanskrit), Mind, the Genius. Mind of a universal Superbrain, with its electric impulses – fokhat (Sanskrit). The preeternal light, world-wide driving vital force. Includes water of a life, or water knowledge (information) as an element of a birth and a space force bearing these the information - space fire - an electric impulse. Essence or quintessence of four prime elements, « always running » of Aristotle, the energy of the structured ether transferring oscillatory process of a wave, that is why всепроникающая the material environment, the carrier of all phenomena and interactions. Fiery Water, synthesis of double polarity or double transformation (an ancient aryan  goddess Rada.

In a human system double transformation is carried out in some stages. This spiral movement of mental forces around of an axis (a vertical and horizontal projection of a spine column) and its reflections - horizontal and vertical axes. In the crossing they form a matrix with cells which in process of their display are filled with the information/energy. Mental forces are transformed and сублимируются, moving upwards until their full disclosing and conscious realization in the maximum centers is reached. The radio body becomes structured, a matrix or a universal measure shown. The reason of the person becomes intimate, and heart reasonable. Integrity: simultaneous existence of differentiation and unity, individuality and universality, the form and contents. Communication of time and space. Realization of genius in the person, as an establishment of direct comprehension of internal communication between ideas, the facts, things, sensual data and forces of communication which the usual intelligence can understand only as a result of slow and laborious work.

Synthesis of Fiery Water or double transformation is the Christening which sense is lost in centuries. In the beginning of 20-th century D.Merezhkovsky wrote about it: « Someone has blown down a candle before the Face Dominical in Church, in christianity, in the Gospel, - fortunately, having forgotten it to make in a far and dark corner - in denied Church, false as if "apocryphal" Holy Wrights. Water is absorbed with fire in fiery miracle Ilya, on mountain Karmile, and here, in the Christening, fire is absorbed by water. Light of the Christening has died out, and all christianity has darkened: its waters, dark, dead, to the Dead Sea flow. Water, plaintive, the Christening - lightless, sad, and forgotten has become, that we equally do not remember, how were born and as were christened. Dead, any more we do not remember, that « the life was light of men » (Td., 1,4); blind, any more we do not see, that « light in darkness shines, and darkness not объяла it » (Td., 1,5) [Jesus Neizvestnyj].

Now synthesis of Fiery Water/double of transformation or galactic activation is observed. So, researcher H.Argueles marks the moment of " a resonant christening » which is expressed in splash in a stream of archetypes which releases people from an old paradigm. Where the resonance between an organism of the person and radiant energy is original perception thus occurs a burst of archetypical  mental energy through channels. Modern esoteric works are an energy burst out of a galactic activation connected with harmonious frequencies. That is a reason of ideas of the Second Coming of the Christ, other gods and goddesses. It is the first impulse to returning back, to the basic evolutionary stream. Alignment of a deviation becomes more active archetypical persons.

Pagan  - is an aspiration to learn a Language of Life and to be trained by Language of the Life. Pagan - an essence of Sufi where an image and a word - are uniform. Psycho-semantics - psycho-semantic space. Language of a life - wide set of systems of coding and material environments - data carriers. Pagan Sufi - natural subculture in the unnatural perverted culture of present mankind. Sufi (Pagan) - other organization «beyond language» levels of mentality of a person from the point of view of numerically prevailing culture. In other words, that is a «beyond language» level a in dialogue of people, there can appear a "language". Sufi - the psychological culture which differs from nowadays numerically prevailing in societies the East, Russia, the West. True Sufi is pagan in all religions and cultures without exception.

Pagan - a natural intrapublic basis of development of a society … genetically predetermined psychological culture of the person. Restoration of true semantic loading of a word - «pagan». All life - Language on which Supreme addresses to each of people, training them. That is the essence of pagan, that is a pagan belief.

In Christianity they consider pagan as poly-theism and primitive magic cults.


And, once again, all about the same:


There are many ways Dominical, but Maria's way the most pleasant and mild. If you can merge with Maria, with a matrix, an exact copy of a life, Divine Mother, you will take the form of the Christ and will be generated in the Christ in yourself, and thus through breath of Good fortune of the Lord you will come in Real and learn It. As breath of Good fortune grants Real. Every instant the Lord appears in the alive form, and is never shown twice during the same moment.

<…> Your body is Maiden Maria., the spirit is the Christ, breath is a breath of Good fortune of the Lord. Your soul remains sleeping until it will be not recovered with Sacred Spirit. Every instant our life the child somewhere is born. The born child can become the human being realizing the God or uncompromising in infinite competition to a life. The responsibility in understanding of such things is boundless. If you can hear that I speak you now you will start to understand. As soon as you will become impregnated with spirit, you can, Insh’Allah, start to understand, but it will not make your life easier or lishter. It can become more hard, more hard sense and the purpose.

Maria is the Divine Mother. Maria is in a blue part of a flame and is a matrix of all divine opportunities in the form of, here, in our world. It is necessary, that it have learned. Learn to love the Lord all essence, each particle, heart, reason, soul and then, probably, to all of us will present understanding of value of a pure birth. Study to pray, and your prays to return to you from the matrix which forms the child.

They call a sufi the son of a "moment". When you merge with Maria, something is released, that enables the child to be born, and that is born, becomes the son of the moment. This child can become realized the God and then it can be named a sufi, or it can go by the ground in the ignorance, sleeping - yet the person who is not realizing God and miracles of His creation, nothing knowing about Himself and, thus, not having true understanding of love. Your body is Maiden Maria, - remember it every instant the life. It is the responsibility which we should accept, entering in knowledge, in real.

Maria was selected to bear Jesus because it kept the cleanliness, purity. Simple people name this quality "virginity", but knowing understand what to be pure means to be completely adapted, the leak with each moment to be similarly to the running stream falling from waters of the life. To be pure means to distribute pleasure, and the pleasure is development of knowledge of perfection of the Lord. "Work" which you searched is a Spirit of the Lord, and the spirit of the Lord is the Christ, come to release the world. The eternal harbinger always inside, waits to develop the moment through the Word, and once when Maria learn again, there will be a second coming the Christ who has shown in an external world. Remember the one whom is Maria, and, once, when you will be ready and when the Lord will wish it, you learn, that I have told to you> [27, p. 97-99].


[Khazrat Inaiat Khan].



In the name of Father, the Son and Sacred Spirit!

In the name of Mother, the Daughter and Sacred Soul!


I’ll embrace my native shoulders

With a light smell of spring

You have come to me for a meeting

From those snowy winters

Malicious blizzards have calmed down.

There is more light and there’s no darkness any more.

The red Son,

I bring it to you in my palms.

I bring it to your wonderful dreams.

In Russia

There will be gardens in blossom

Gardens in Russia will blossom.

People will wonder:

We have waited, waited the Messiah -

And here…

Have waited, have seen

Our souls and eyes


Give a bow





Your sleepy darkness

Fears and tears

Uncountable sufferings

Become the Messiah - Russia

I shall bow down to the ground

I shall be praying till the morning

At the dawn

I shall give you

The red sun

There will rose a star

And Her will be really immortal

like a sonorous echo

Of native mooring

Of a female soul

And the man's beginning

Yes is its name

And there are no dots

The daughter, I am the daughter

Of my native Father

And Mother of Light

In you memory

There will stay

A smell of spring

And having been loved

You’ll have already been

another one

There snowflakes will thaw

And will spill with the water

My alive

Voice of silence

Will becomes a star

That one

That was shining

In the night silence

That was shining your path

Blizzards have terminated

Straighten the shoulders

To you shall be a girlfriend

And the Forerunner of

The early Sun

There’re stars above Russia

The Messiah…

I bow

Before You

Water of life

The light of hope

And the stone of belief

The flame of Love


To heal bitter wounds


To live anew

By belief, under the truth

By conscience, by love

Help, help, help…

The crown of life

The nimbus of unearthly

The red sun

Above my head

My alive voice

Fills spaces of love

Live, you,

Having come

Out of winter

From under cold snow

Cold darkness


The smell of spring embraces

Your forearms

The forerunner

There washes with water


You stand in front of me

A ceremony of initiation

A peal

Him, Him, He

Having come

From the blizzardly winter

We, we, we

From that country

Where the winter has lasted for thousand years

A vow of coronation

A vow of love

You and flowers

In snow-white brocade


I thank You for my destiny

I go towards You

To light from darkness

We, we, we

We are born again

In love by the Forerunner


The Messiahs-Russia.



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1. The crisis of the outlook system


2. An image of the world in the modern representation


3. Structures of the outlook system


4. Coherence and interaction of outlook structures


5. A natural way of life


6. The matrix of culture


7. To a question of an approach to a natural

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