Naz Tliachev. Golden Time

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Naz Tliachev was born in Ufa (Russia). Awarded a medal «For Courage». Since 2000 he lives in Toronto, then New York, and Los Angeles; working as a supervisor, a president and CEO of American companies, a producer and co-producer of the movies in Hollywood. Honored Doctorate of Philosophy in English language and literature, professor. The recipient of many awards including:

Editor ́s Choice Award by International Library of Poetry for outstanding achievement in Poetry with one-time publication of a poem by International library of Poetry, Owings Mills, MD USA.

Noble House, London, UK. Editor ́s choice and offer for publishing in «Songs of Honour».

National Poetry Month Committee of International Library of Poetry selection a «United States of America 2006 Poetry Ambassador» for outstanding achievement in Poetry, USA.

Reward of Thames Poetry society. Golden pen for poem «The pink of calm», London, UK.

Crystal statuette «Outstanding Achievement in Poetry Award» of International Society of Poets, USA.

Editor ́s Choice Award. Bronze Commemorative Award Medallion from the Editors of International Library of Poetry, YSA. Poem «Niagara Falls».

«United States of America 2006 and 2007 Poetry Ambassador Medal» for outstanding achievement in Poetry, USA.

He says: «It is known that poetry makes immortal all that is the best in the world. Writing poetry is a diligent effort and happiness. During writing poetry I share my vision, emotions, intellect, and express my feelings. Simple words and rhymes as echoes evoke uncanny melody in my heart; different poems – different melodies.

Happiness, if a reader likes it. It means that we have the same emotional experience, we think together about the most beautiful and the most poignant moments in our life. Many of poems have been written during the visits definite places and connected with following emotions.

The poem “Snowfall in Parry Sound” appeared under unusual impression of rocks, which locals call cut-stones or rock-cuts because of highway 11meandering and crossing these beautiful rocks in Canada; and snow, reminding me the Ural. And the poem “Golden Time” was written in Los Angeles, California sooner under the influence of my emotions, when invisible Time… its measured seconds, as the smallest parts, create the greatest ocean of… Eternity».


Ufa (Уфа)


The city at the river Belaya… Ufa,

Short as a whiff of wind sweet name;

Where hero Salavat on horse bronze soars far

Over the history of warriors and fame.


By time my dream becomes a real chance

With bitter pain to visit dear places,

I keep this picture precious… once

Again to see Ufa, forgotten kind faces.


Snowfall in Parry Sound (Снегопад в Пэрри-саунд)


Snowfall in Parry Sound,

White fluffy snowy flakes

Slow soar and fall around,

So sedative to aches.


Snow-caps on red cut-stones

As if to warm them up,

Wind dandles balls on crones,

And drops on branch smashup.


On panes sparks silver mural –

Frost painted flakes and pearls;

This place reminds the Ural

The same snow, murals… swirls.


Time (Время)


Time never stops – it flies and flies,

Dissolves our hope and naïve dreams;

Some days were gray and cold as ice

Others were warmed by golden beams.


The days of love with «happy smiles»

Passed fast (so rare is true love!),

Then Youth light-hearted…, Age… too wise

Approached the autumn of his life.


If one surprised – How fast time flies!

Believe him – he still has a fun,

Sweet dreams… bizarre. Once realize –

Time never stops – it flies and flies.


Golden Time (Золотое время)


Time flows fast… as the golden sand,

With doubtful sense I drop wee grain,

It happens now – first time and last –

No one has chance to live again.


Saint good and bloody evil at last

Will never find my birth and end;

Time flows fast through the endless vast,

Time flows fast… as the golden sand.


Paradise (Рай)


O, Paradise, the world of light,

So beautiful, and so divine!

Sky is silk-blue, clouds are milk-white,

Green-golden orchards smoothly shine.


Above the brooks, crystal and bright,

Above sweet flowers till skyline

Soul joyful soars… full of delight,

And it shall need no glass of wine.


Again (Снова)


In spite of laws of life and death

I would like to be born, again

With grateful sigh heartily embrace

Wonderful life, its joy and pain.


Soft starry nights and sunny days,

Sweet flowers and old ruby wine,

Melodious songs, air, earth and space

Again, the whole world would be mine.


Then, when time comes for the last breath,

When soul will vanish in dark reign,

In spite of laws of life and death

I would like to be born, again.


© Назир Тляшев, текст, 2011

© Книжный ларёк, публикация, 2017